I want to share with you what my pet peeve is. Serving sizes. A serving size of beef should be 3 ounces, let’s say.  How do I know what 3 ounces is? Use the palm of your hand they say as a guide.  Can I use someone else’s palm because my palm is pretty darn small, my child has a bigger palm than I do!  I know how much I am eating, but I do not know exactly how much that actually IS. 

Whether you are just curious to see exactly how much they say you SHOULD eat versus how much you actually put on your plate or you are in a program where how much you eat is important to track, EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale is awesome and it is my new favorite food scale.  

New Year, New You – I am sure you have heard that a million times.  Well, this year I decided that I was going to really see how much they say I should be eating so decided to start weighing my food.  I found an old food scale I had and tried it.  Because it was a needle teetering, it was pretty hard to figure out, especially since they only had lines between 1 and 5 so maybe it is just me and I am just not too smart but I was having a problem getting accuracy.  

EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale is GREAT.  Let me tell you it is so easy to operate, it comes with batteries you just pop in, turn it on and you are set.  You can pick between units of measurements (I use ounces).  Yesterday I had chicken with a side of rice and vegetables.  Now, normally I cannot even weigh everything at once because it is way too confusing and frankly, too much work with my old scale.  This scale I just hit the on/off/tares button and it goes on.  I placed my plate on it.  Of course the plate weighs something so now I have to figure out and do some math when I put the next food on.   NOPE!!  I just hit the on/off/tares button again and it resets to 0.  Ingenious!!  Now I put my chicken on, which was a roaster so it was sliced.  One slice, a bit over an ounce.  Let’s get another one on there! Now for the rice.  Again, just hit on/off/tares and it resets to 0 so now my plate is on and my chicken, but now I can start from scratch with my rice at 0 so no hurting my brain trying to figure stuff out.  I cannot believe how heavy rice is! One scoop was close to 3 ounces right there, and let me tell you it wasn’t a huge scoop.  Definitely not enough rice for me so let’s get another scoop on there.  Maybe a little more.  Ended up with 7 ounces of rice.  It did not look like 7 ounces! Amazing what you learn when you weigh how much food you are actually eating (or not after you put it back because you realize how many servings that little bit of rice actually is!).  

It is a huge eye opener and because the scale is digital, it is EXACT.  No guessing or fudging the numbers a bit in your favor because you are eyeballing a teetering needle.  The scale also has a shut off feature so if you are using it for a recipe even measuring ingredients it shuts off after 3 minutes so you do not have to worry about forgetting to turn it off and wasting battery.  The other feature that I personally loved about it is it does not take up a lot of room and was not big and bulky like other scales.

Whether you just want to eat healthy or are following one of the programs, this is the scale you need.  It is the best scale I have ever had and the easiest to use for weighing out food serving sizes.  Check it out at Amazon.com.  Getting healthy has never been easier (and I will admit it was fun to keep scooping stuff on the plate to see how high it went with one scoop versus 2 scoops, 1 slice verses 2 slices!).

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