What is the Mumband™?

Gif of Mumband pregnancy support belt.

The Mumband™ is a soft, stretchy support band built into all Mumberry apparel that:

• provides crucial belly and back support.
• is positioned at the base of the belly in the front to help lift and redistribute the extra weight.
• is positioned in the lumbar region of your back for maximum comfort and increased back support.
• has no hooks, zippers, buckles and other uncomfortable features that can restrain movement.
• offers 360° stretch for full range of movement and comfort.
• is made of high-quality shapewear fabric that provides gentle compression for support, and visual smoothing to mask those unwanted attention spots, like outie belly buttons that are common with pregnancy.
• features moisture-wicking fabric so you won’t get overheated.
• will grow with you and can be worn throughout all stages of pregnancy.
• is so comfortable!
• is so supportive!
• is everything you’ve been looking for!
  The Mumband™ gives women the ability to DO MORE during pregnancy! The band makes it possible for women to run, jump, engage in aerobic activity, or just go about their daily lives in comfort. The Mumband™ is tough enough for your high-intensity bootcamp workout, but also comfortable enough for an evening of lounging. My sister in law is very active with her older three children so she needs the Mumband to help her stay comfortable and stylish.

My sister in law is pregnant with her fourth child. She has started working out ( before she found out she was pregnant ) so this is perfect for her. The ease of the make of this clothing line is great. Single piece and stretches over her growing belly. She can put these clothes on like her regular clothes, position the Mumband to where it keeps her comfortable and it will grow as her belly grows.

The Mumband™ can help all pregnant women on their road to a healthy pregnancy! I really wished they had this type of clothing when I was pregnant with my children.
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