Recently, I came across the Musco Family Olive Co. which is a California based company that makes Early California and Pearls olives.

Three generations ago, Founder Nicolo Musco brought his ambition and passion for olives from the groves of Italy to sunny California. Today the Musco Family Olive Co. remains a thriving family business and is the leading branded retail supplier of table olives in America. I was Blessed to receive a Musco Family Olive Co. Sampler for review. Musco Family Olive Co. has not one but two brands of olives and this sampler contains both of their products.

Many times, reduced sodium products are not very tasty and I was a bit worried that these olives would not taste good. Boy, was I wrong! They are awesome. I tried the Pearls reduced sodium pimiento stuffed olives. These have 75% less sodium than the traditional olives. One serving contains 70 milligrams of sodium which is not bad at all.

These tasted slightly different than the regular sodium-filled olives but still had that salty flavor. I will definitely be buying these again and will no longer be buying regular olives

In addition to Musco-branded olive picks, napkins and can opener, the package contained two of each of the following (one Early California and one Pearls): Fresh Cured Green Ripe Medium Pitted California Natural Style Olives, Reduced Salt Large Pitted California Ripe Olives and Reduced Salt Pimiento Stuffed Manzanilla Olives. The reduced salt varieties contain a whopping 75% less sodium than their conventional counterparts!



Black Pearls
You will not find a richer olive than our Black Pearls. Add Black Pearls to your favorite family recipes — from tacos and enchiladas to salads, pasta dishes and breads. Enjoy the firm texture and rich taste of Black Pearls during those Special occasions, when you're searching for the perfect snack, as a compliment to every Holiday meal and of course, our favorite — on the tips of your Fingers!

Our Black Pearls come Pitted, Chopped, and Sliced. Our Pitted Ripe Olives are available in 6 different varieties: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, Jumbo and Colossal. Both our Chopped and Sliced Ripe Olives are available with or without Jalapenos.

Green Pearls
Green Pearls Olives are the perfect compliment to our line of Pearls. Green Pearls add great flavor and enhance your favorite original recipes. From salads and veggie dishes, to seafood and pasta, Green Pearls are sure to be just the addition your recipes desire. Treat your guests to Green Pearls during your Holiday gatherings. And don't forget, Green pearls also go great in Martini's!

Green Pearls are available in 4 varieties: Queen Whole, Queen Pimento Stuffed, Manzanilla Pimento Stuffed and Manzanilla Pimento Sliced. They are packed in our Pearls embossed jars in both 6oz and 10oz sizes.

Mediterranean Pearls
Mediterranean Pearls Olives complete our full line of products. Mediterranean Pearls bring the timeless flavors of the Mediterranean to your table. Add Mediterranean Pearls to salads, pasta, and seafood dishes. Use Mediterranean Pearls to add unique, savory flavors to your holiday dishes or your favorite special occasion snack.

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