Women are hard to shop for.  And I am a woman, so I know this firsthand.  One thing you can never go wrong with are beauty products, and I would like to tell you about some.

I love to soak my feet after a long day.  Most of the time I do not because it is a pain to get the pan, carry it, etc. – now with Soakees I can soak my feet easily without effort whenever I want.  No mess, no water sloshing around.  I can bring them with me anywhere so even when I am on vacation they come along after a long day of walking and sight seeing.  Now my feet get the care they need a lot more than they did previously when I had to lug around a tub of water.  These are especially good if you know someone who has feet problems where they are supposed to soak them like ingrown nails or dry skin.  You can't go wrong, and anybody will appreciate the fact that there will be no mess and no heavy tub to carry around!

When I wear lipstick, I want it to stay on.  I don't want to keep reapplying it.  That is why I love LipSense.  The colors are fabulous and they do not come off.  They stay on all day.  They do not even come off on coffee cups, glasses, or when I kiss someone on the cheek! Not having to worry about forgetting to bring my lipstick with me so I can reapply it every 10 minutes because it wears off or I want to have something to drink is a major time saver and I look my best all day.  I also don't have to keep checking to see if it did wear off because I know it is not going anywhere.  If you know somebody who is constantly reapplying their lipstick or looking in the mirror to see if it is still on, this is the perfect gift for them.  They will love it and not having to worry about their lips!  The code is   218464

For the man in your life with the hard to reach back hair, the baKblade is the answer to how they are going to remove that hair from their back easily and without irritating their skin with a razor (or you having to do it!).  The baKblade can be used without shaving cream, in the shower or out because the skin can be wet or dry, and with the long handle it is pretty much like a backscratcher but removes all the hair along with it.  Now your man will be nice and smooth (and will have no reason not to because this is so easy for them to do by themselves!)

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If you know someone who has a illness that caused them to lose hair, Survivor Eyes might just be the thing that gives them some of their confidence back and will stop any questions or stares.  Eyebrow templates, applicator brushes, and instructions are included.   You can even get a kit with cosmetics or without.  They have enough to worry about without worrying about people staring or asking questions or just feeling self-conscious about themselves.  It would also be great for people who have sparse eyebrows and want to make them look fuller.

Eyeliner is always a great gift.  It really makes the eyes pop.  Vert Beauty Eyeliner Pencils are vegan, and they glide on so smoothly which is a huge plus with eyeliners because there are so many that skip.  It comes in five colors, and each color has a bit of a shimmer to it which makes this eyeliner different than most and really gives your eyes that extra something.  The eyes will be noticed! Vert Beauty Eyeliner Pencils are even infused with a blend of mango and meadowfoam seed oils which have anti-aging properties and will keep your skin aroud your eyes hydrated.  Whether you want a subtle look or a more dramatic look, you will find a color here (the vert color is gorgeous!).

Who doesn't love nail polish.  And not boring colors of nail polish, cool fresh colors that you cannot find anywhere else in shades that are so pretty and different everyone will be looking at your nails!  KBShimmer has a winter collection of nail polish that are the coolest shades I want to change my nail polish every single day because I love so many of them. They are unique and not colors you will find just anywhere which means everyone will be asking where you got it from.  Nothing will make that special girl in your life happier than people noticing her nails and wanting to know where she got the nail polish – she will feel like a star!

In the winter especially you want to make sure your skin is moisturized, but people forget that they still need protection from the sun in the winter.  Just because it is not hot outside does not make the sun rays any less damaging.  Who wants to put two things on their face?   Block Island Natural Face Moisturizer is a 2-in-1 product that has moisturizer and is SPF 30.   It is not tested on animals which puts it high on my list right off the bat, but is also vegan and has no gluten, dyes, or fragrances.  It can be worn under makeup so just apply it every morning and protect your skin and moisturize it at the same time with only one step!

Soap is always a good thing to give, and Faith, Soaps and Love  has handmade soaps that not only look pretty but smell great too. They have earthy scents, unisex scents, floral scents, and even unscented.  Made with essential oils to moisturize and shea butter to keep your skin soft, you will find that handmade soap is not as harsh as bar soaps you buy in the store.  The only problem might be they are so pretty you might not want to use them!  If you do, you will not know how you ever used regular bar soap before.  If you cannot bear to use it, it still looks and smells great as a decoration in your bathroom!

My daughter always wears her hair bands around her wrist so she has them wherever she is if she decides she wants to put her hair up.  Now nobody knows thanks to Hairbanglez.  Not only that, but now the band is not digging into her skin cutting off her circulation, and no matter how many times I try to tell her it ends up on her wrist anyway.  I drop her off and her hair is down, pick her up and her hair is up or vice-versa.  The band just fits right in the Hairbanglez accessory and she can put it in and take it out at will.  I know a lot of grown women that do that too, so this is really something that is good for anyone with long hair who can't make up their mind about wearing it up or down!

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For any makeup needs, check out Fusion of Color Cosmetics.  They are created from minerals taken from the earth and have no oils or dyes in them, which makes them perfect for any skin types and skin tones and so gentle it would even be good for teen girls just starting to wear makeup.  They have a line of skin care, and for makeup they have everything you could possible want or need – concealer, powder, foundation, primer, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and lip products (balm, gloss, etc.).

Women aren't the only ones who need beauty products.  Believe it or not, there are plenty of men out there who take pride in their appearance and grooming, and some of them that take even longer than women to accomplish it!  They might not admit it – ever – but the fact remains they sometimes are just as bad.  Number 4 High Performance Hair Care has gift sets specifically for the man in your life.  They have a Men's Holiday Gift Set with clarifying shampoo and texture style cream, and another Holiday Set for Men with texture style cream and a mug.  Of course, I'm not going to forget the ladies, they have gift sets for them too, a Black Tie Collection that even comes with a brush either in hydrating or volumizing.

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Lip balm.  I am obsessed with it.  When I am not wearing lipstick, I am wearing lip balm.  Pogo Balm  has all the fun flavors I like in a lip balm (but for those that don't, they also have unscented).  It is the world's first refillable lip balm which makes it environmentally friendly too.  It is organic and cruelty free.  Most importantly, it goes on smooth and keeps my lips moisturized.  It does not wear off too quickly either so my lips feel nice for a long time.

No matter what your beauty needs, age, or skin type, you will find something here that will be the perfect gift for somebody!

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