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There are so many excellent ideas,whentrying to figure out what to get people on your holiday lists. We do a lot of traveling, and one of the favorite places we go is, Tennessee to the cabins, and if you been on some roads there, you know it’s dark.  Even at home when you’re outside, looking for a dog who refuses to come in.

For some cute and fun gifts I wanted to look for something different, but still can be used as something you can wear,


Stocking Watch Cap with Built in LED Lights in Black


Great for cold winter weather, and even dark cold Spring and Summer evenings. Built in LEDs act like a headlamp — Perfect for camping, skiing, camping, hiking, snow mobiling, ice fishing, hunting, and more.

Makes those long dark nights of winter more tolerable. Even those cool Spring and Summer nights and mornings in the hills will be made more bearable by a little warmth and light. goFASTandLIGHT loves to find items that saves weight, pack space in your pack and items that do double duty. That is essential to the “fast and light” backpacking goals.

This cap certainly hits the mark. Hands free lighting whenever, wherever you need it. Just push the button hidden on the padded battery pack behind your left ear and you illuminate 4 bright white LEDs. Two are aimed forward for walking and light up to 42 feet away. The other two LEDs are angled at 55 degrees downward for reading or task work.


The Classic Standard Beard Head



– Black beanie w/ Classic beard face mask
– Detachable/adjustable Velcro beard
– Detachable mustache for perfect placement
– One size fits (almost) all
– Beard: 70% acrylic, 30% wool
– Beanie: 100% acrylic yarn

The Classic Standard Beard Head has a detachable/adjustable mustache that is connected with two small buttons. If the mustache isn’t positioned correctly on top of your upper lip, you can easily pop it out and re-position it to fit correctly.  The unique design of the Beard Head allows your entire face to remain warm, even in the harshest weather.   There are so many great ones to choose from, and what’s great is they even have children ones.


James Cox Knits


My kits make great knitting gifts for men and women of all skill levels, and most are knit from the top down, in the round, and have no seams to be sewn. Each kit includes high-quality yarns in handsome hues. So start knitting, knowing your results will be stylish and actually worn by your husband, son, father, boyfriend, partner…or you.

  • The stylish designs (and website) are a hit with men who knit — an estimated 2 million knitters worldwide are men;
  • And they are popular with women who knit for men;
  • Moreover, women are buying the kits to knit and wear themselves;
  • And an offspring brand — James Cox Jr, is about to debut with sweaters and accessories in boys’ sizes.

Avid knitters from beginning to expert and includingcelebrities such as the award winning actor BD Wong have discovered James Cox Knits and are impressed with thebrand’s style, attention to detail, unique row checker and top-down knittingprocess that allows patterns to be adjusted for size as they garmentprogresses.)




This Cool-jams Moisture-Wicking Long Tank Gown is a full-coverage nightgown that also offers powerful moisture-wicking properties, keeping the wearer cool and dry throughout the night while also feeling really comfortable against your skin. The secret is Cool-jams’ exclusive smart fabric that absorbs moisture from hot flashes, night sweats and general overheating during the night, all while offering the same soft, silky feeling as traditional cotton. Because it is resistant to wrinkling, this fabric is great for tucking away in a suitcase during travel. It also inhibits the growth of bacteria to eliminate odor and leave you smelling fresh.





Spice things up in your home – and out. No need to worry about the silly little things that sometimes keep us from a fun roll in the hay. Life can be very busy and keep us girls from being 100% groomed or feeling sexy. But now, with Srirachas yoga pants it doesn’t matter – in these new yoga pants you’re super hot, and super cozy at the same time.




HipKnoTies® is committed to inspiring & celebrating women of all ages and sizes, by enhancing and simplifying their wardrobe experience with versatile, affordable and innovative garments & accessories, which compliment all women’s figures and lifestyles.

30 styles in 1 garment that can FLATTER all women?  Yes, absolutely!

Made of a super soft rayon jersey and spandex, HipKnoTies drapes the body like no other convertible dress. Unlike other multi way dresses that can only be worn to special events, you can wear a HipKnoTies to any occasion, from the office to the beach, to a cocktail party, even to sleep!

Looking for a new top? Maybe a wrap? Dress? Skirt?

You can have it ALL with HipKnoTies must-have versatile garment!



Udderly Hot Mama nursing and pumping tops and dresses are unique, chic and made in the U.S.A. Each garment pulls down for a feeding and a hidden panel provides extra privacy so mom can breastfeed with confidence, even in public. With our patent-pending design, the panel is easily removed so after weaning baby, mom can add her nursing garments to her everyday wardrobe.


For all the fashion loving people , you know these are great ideas.

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