Your home is your sanctuary, you design it to suit you. One room you don’t want to forget when it comes to accessorizing is the bathroom. Because unlike the other rooms, the accessories you find in your bathroom will see a lot more daily use and will also be some important accessories everyone should have.

Soap dispenser

When it comes to cleaning and washing, you need to provide your guests with hand soap. Because nothing creates more anxiety seeing a bar of soap next to the sink, as that is something more than one person has used. So make sure your soap dispenser is always full and you have plenty of extra soap stored nearby. Keep your hands clean with a soap dispenser.

Mirrors and medicine cabinet

A mirror is important for every bathroom or powder room. What many people might consider is having a medicine cabinet to store your medications, your tooth care accessories, bandages, and emergency supplies and anything else you might want to keep hidden away to keep your sink tops clean and clutter-free. You might also want to look at extra mirrors to be able to provide you additional angles you don't get with the single mirrors.

Towel bars

Towel bars might sound like a common thing, but there are still plenty of people using hooks. If you are one of those people, do yourself and anyone else around you a favor and switch over or upgrade to towel racks. This is not only important for your guest towels, but your shower towels as well. This is because a towel bar allows you to spread your towel after and between uses, helping your towels dry faster and prevent it from staying wet and damp. This will also improve the cleanliness of your towels allowing you more use between washes.

Shower Caddy

Your shower or bath space does not always have the most real estate. And especially if you are in a shared household, you will know how little room you have for your shampoos, conditioners and other bath products. Investing in a Clean4Happy Shower Caddies is a great way to save space while keeping your items organized. And because they hang right beneath the showers itself, which makes showering much more efficient with quicker and easier access to all your products.

Bath Mat

Bath mats can be very useful in the shower due to the slipperiness of the floors while you are showering. This can be a hazard that can result in slips and falls which can lead to injuries. Simply adding a bath mat can help reduce that risk immensely, giving you and your family peace of mind while showering.



Similar in their effect with bath mats in showers, bathroom rugs should be placed on your floors where there is a risk of water pools to build up. This can be at the entrance of your shower or bath, around your toilet, or in front of your sinks. In addition to helping prevent slips and falls, your bathroom rugs are great for keeping you warm as your bathroom tiles can be a culprit of cold temperatures. So to help your feet from freezing, add a little cushion and comfort to your bathrooms with a few well-placed rugs.

Stoppers and drains

No one likes having to clean out the hair from the drains. With some stoppers and filters in a place where hair can build up, you can save yourself from cleaning large amounts of clumped hair, or having to unclog certain pipes with simply emptying these filters of hair you catch before they get stuck down the drains. It’s also a good way to catch things that you may have forgotten to remove but may slip off or fall a sink or drain such as rings or necklaces. Keep your pipes clean and free of gunk with a few stoppers and filters in your drains.


A plunger is so important to have in your bathroom. You might not use it frequently, but the last thing you want is to be caught with a clogged toilet with guests and company over and not have a way to clear up the problem. A plunger is pretty much the insurance policy for any toilet troubles, everyone should have one.

Air fresheners and candles

The bathroom isn’t the nicest smelling room in your house, for obvious reasons. Keep some scented candles or air fresheners handy and stocked to keep your bathroom smelling piney or lemony fresh.


The bathroom isn’t always the most glorious space in your home, but you can do certain things to make it more inviting, safe and making sure it functions how it’s supposed to. These accessories will be there to make your life easier for things you don’t give too much thought to. Let these accessories help keep your mind clear as you handle your business.


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