A new decade is warming up for a fresh start with all the trendy and different fashion styles. However, no matter what decade it is or what fashion styles are trending, there are some clothing essentials that every man must have in his wardrobe. These essential clothing items should be in your closet, ready for any occasion. Here’s a list of the must-have clothing items for all your classic, casual, and athletic outings.

Fair Share Of Denim


Denim clothes are probably the most popular and the most practical. For starters, you can wear them over loopback sweatshirts or simple t-shirts. You can also wear them with a nice pair of jeans keeping in mind the different hues of color. Your denim clothes will give you an overall casual, but in control look as it is one of the most versatile wardrobe-essentials. 

Classy Tees

Classic t-shirts are the perfect compromise between not wanting to be overdressed and underdressed for an outing. They can come with various designs or just plain. Either way, they give you a very elegant look for special occasions. The creators of Jasper Holland have designed a sharp, classy, manly t-shirt that won’t embarrass your wife if you wear it out on a date. On the contrary, she might find it amusing as your look goes from normal to exemplary. Just make sure to get yourself a nice set that perfectly fits your body.

Classic Day-To-Day Tees

Everyday tees are different from the classy ones, but both of them are a must-have in your wardrobe. You can wear them under a light-weighted jacket or simply on their own. Besides, they are very comfortable and practical when it comes to picking an outfit for your daily chores. Feel free to invest in good quality classic tees as they have better fabric to take care of your skin and remain in good condition after several washes. 

Perfect Fit Navy Suit

Navy or petrol blue suits are one of the essential clothing items, whether you wear suits to work or not. You would wear it one day or another, so it must be there and perfectly fit you. As for the color itself, then that’s just because of the known fact that all men look better in navy blue suits. However, if you feel otherwise, then feel free to pick a suitable color for your suit.

Multipurpose Hoodie

From the naming “multipurpose” you can tell these types of hoodies will be ideal for all different purposes to your outfit. A multipurpose hoodie will be the best choice when you decide to go for coffee, walks, running, or to the gym. You would most certainly choose them as option one when you go out for errands. No matter how fashion styles evolve, hoodies will never get old or become obsolete with the seasonal trends. Not to mention how comfy they can be.


Oxford White Shirts Or All About The Blues

Minimalistic looks give off an elegant vibe. Wearing an oxford white shirt will make you look effortlessly stylish. Stack your wardrobe with multiples of the crisp, white, slim-fit ones. You can either wear them under a crew neck jumper or a casual suit. You can also team them up with a nice pair of trousers and a statement belt. Apart from the white ones, the pale blue ones are a must-have as well. They are one of the workday essentials that give you a professional look. Just wait for a promotion when you match them with a navy, beige, or grey and a tie with a darker shade. 

Seasonal Beige Trench Coat

When spring pops in, your beige trench must be out there. Double-breasted trench coats are just what you need to keep the rain away, but while looking stylish as well. Apart from that, they give you this sharp, edgy look. You can wear them on your suit for a bold and decent look when going to work. Another perfect match can be wearing them to casual outings over a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. 

Bomber Jacket


This must-have clothing item has the most versatile styles of outerwear. Bomber jackets were once a passing trend, but now they have become a bona fide menswear essential. No matter what type your body figure is, they would still look good on you. Another pro is that you can wear it all year long, no matter what season it is.  

Practical Briefs

Briefs are a must-have without a doubt; however, not just any briefs. You need to get yourself the right base layers that ensure everything in place. The slim, abbreviated trunks or boxer briefs are essential to any outfit you wear. They are also a must for any tight outfits like your gym clothes. So if your wardrobe does not have those right base layers, then you need to go shopping for a bulk of them.  

Comfy Sweats

Comfort should always come first. What would be more comfortable than your sweats to wear? Probably nothing! Sweats were known as a sign for giving up and wearing anything that pops from your wardrobe. However, this is no longer true. A slim pair of sweatpants is now becoming the new go-to weekend look. Wearing them no longer means that you cannot find anything else to wear but them. 

Crew Neck Sweater

When it’s not cold enough for a jacket, yet not hot enough for a one-layer outfit, then this means it’s sweater weather. A crew neck sweater would be ideal during this weather. Not to mention how elegant it can look when you wear denim or white oxford shirt below. 


Seasons come and go with all the new fashion styles; however, some clothing basics that will never be subject to fade away with the tides of cyclical trends. Preparing your wardrobe inventory with all the must-have clothing items will help you avoid the hassle, hesitation, and doubts of not wearing the right outfit to an outing. Rest assured that even if fashion evolves throughout the upcoming years, you would still be having your clothing essentials to mix and match them freely.

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