Between shopping and parties, you still need to level up your gift-giving game. Your present is already more than enough but wouldn’t it be nice if you take an extra effort in wrapping the gift? You can check out different stylish gift wrap ideas on HGTV. But before you cover that present, be sure to have all the essentials in your gift wrapping station.

  1. Bow Maker Tool


Anyone can make a professional bow, but why spend so much time in creating one? All you need is a Bowdabra. Consider the bow maker tool as a must-have. It’s the most convenient bow making tool. Not to fret, Sandy Sandler made video tutorials so you can easily make your bows.


  1. Satin Ribbon


Go extra luxurious with the ribbons. Double-faced satin ribbons in five-yard pools are great additions to your gift wrapping station. These ribbons go well with presents placed inside the boxes. And use these ribbons with the bow maker tool to make pretty bows.


  1. Gift-wrap Cutter


It takes twice the time to cut those wrappers and might as well use that time for something else. All you need is a tool that shears the gift wrapper faster. A 33-inch steel cutter does the trick. 


  1. Gift Bottle Bags 


There are just some gifts that are hard to wrap. Take, for instance, a bottle of wine. Its shape isn’t conventional, and it’s a bit tacky just to put it in a box. Plus, there’s a chance of it breaking with the extra space it has in the box. Using a gift bottle bag is the best way to wrap it. It can hold the weight of the wine bottle and is even attractive to look at. 


  1. Packaging and Gift Wrapping Kit


The packaging and gift wrapping kit is the holy grail of a gift wrapping station. A set can come with hundreds of essential items that you need. Gift tags, twines, and stickers are among the things you’ll find in a kit. Most likely, you’ll find everything you need in that kit.


  1. Scissor Mouse


This cute little gizmo gadget is state-of-the-art. You will be tempted to throw out your other scissors with how amazing this thing is. It can cut through your wrapper faster than ordinary scissors. The only problem with this gadget is that it makes you want to snip, snip, snip.


  1. Custom Stamper


Nothing beats a present wrapped with a personal touch. The recipient will appreciate your gift more once they see the extra effort you have put in to make it look nice. You could add a personal touch by writing down a note. The self-ink stamper can hold your signature and monogram so you won’t have to fret about your illegible penmanship. 


  1. Designed Tissue Paper


Do you know what gives an added flair to your simple gift bag? Add in themed tissue paper. There are readily available design tissue papers for any given theme in craft stores.


  1. Organizer Bag


How can you rummage through your tools and ribbons if your workstation is a mess? Bring out the obsessive-compulsive nature in you and organize your things. A gift wrap bag organizer does the trick. It helps you put those ribbons, wrappers, and tags in different compartments.

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