During the holiday season the biggest problem is trying to decide what to get people.  You want to give them something they don’t already have and something that they are not going to be getting from a bunch of people.  Here are some great ideas for holiday gifts that will be sure to put a smile on their face and not break your bank!

The first is from SnapPower.  They have 2 items that are practical and perfect for anyone.  The SnapPower Guidelight goes over your outlets and acts as a nightlight when it senses motion. This means if you are like me and are always roaming around in the middle of the night you do not need to turn all the lights on as you do as the motion sensor will light up and guide your way.  Perfect, because as I go back to bed, I have to shut off all the lights I turn on and as I turn off the last one I am still in the dark before I get back safely in my bed!  With the SnapPower Guidelight I do not have to worry about being in the dark even for a few feet (enough to bump into something or trip over something and hurt myself).  The other thing is the SnapPower Charger.  Seriously, every single time I need to charge my device someone else does too and there just does not seem to be enough charging spaces.  The SnapPower Charger turns your outlet into a USB charger.  I have it right next to my bed on the outlet and when I am warm and toasty in my bed and my device needs recharging, I do not need to get up and go charge it, I just put it in the SnapPower Charger and do not have to get up, just need to reach over and plug it in!  How great is that! Practical and handy!!

The next item is something that has saved me so much time and also my sanity a few times! The Finders Key Purse makes sure I never lose my keys in my purse (which only happens all the time).  I cannot tell you how many times I have spent too much time digging through my purse, dumping out my purse, searching all the compartments to find my keys.  It gets frustrating, and panic sets in when I cannot find it and I think I lost them, only to find them after looking over and over in the same spot in my purse that I swear they weren’t before.  Now I don’t worry about that anymore because with Finders Key Purse I know where my keys are at all times because I can see it and it just drapes over my purse so I know it’s in there and no more fumbling around for my keys wasting time.

I am going to switch gears here to food.  I like pancakes.  When I do make them, though, I cannot seem to get nice uniform pancakes so one is huge, when I try to make them smaller I end up not pouring enough and I get little ones because I do not want to slip with the batter again, my kids are fighting because one is bigger than the others (and don’t try giving 2 to make up for smaller ones because the other one got more, gotta love kids!).  That’s why I love Perfect Pancake and Crepe Maker Machine, 2 Interchangeable Non-Stick Electric Griddle Pans, Includes Wooden Spreader, Spatula, Turner, Batter Mix Starter Recipes available at Amazon – the pancake pan has the circles all ready for me so they are all the same size and I don’t end up slipping or not pouring enough!  The other pan is perfect for my crepes, and I would never attempt making crepes without this, and it makes it so easy but everyone is impressed when they see I made crepes!

Now that the colder weather is upon us, who doesn't love to light their fireplace?  Only problem with firewood is that it has creosote (which builds up on chimney walls and can start fires) and emits gasses including carbon monoxide.  Enviro-LogFire Logs are 100% recycled of waxed cardboard, so they burn cleaner and no only that, you are helping the environment.  They are also great for the fire pit outside and they are safe to cook over, so break out the marshmallows to toast!!  Personally I like the fact that I don't have to collect firewood and hope it lights!!  If you do have a bunch of firewood that you will not let go to waste, you can get the Enviro-LogFire Starters which make lighting the firewood much easier than trying to gather kindling and throwing lighter fluid on it to light it.  It is safer, and it can even light damp wood, so that is awesome since most people do keep their firewood outside and it cannot help but be damp most of the time.

For someone on your list that has everything, how about a nice piece of pottery?  Off Your Rocker Pottery has a wide variety of pottery items that will be the talk of everyone who sees it.  This would also be perfect for anyone who loves pottery.  They have piggy banks, dish sets, cups, watering cans, pitchers, bowls – you will find anything and since they are all hand made they are a beautiful and thoughtful addition to anyone's home, and with so many items to choose from you can be sure that they will have something you will love to give that person who is hard to shop for!


My disorganization seems to be a recurring theme.  Not only do I lose my keys in my purse, I also lose them at home.  With my Wall Mount and Entry Way Organizer I never lose my keys – I have it right in my kitchen, and hang my keys up when I come in.  Of course you can put it wherever is convenient.  I also keep my bills in there because you can bet if my bills aren't in there they are not getting paid because I am never going to see them on time if I just throw my mail wherever.  This is perfect for anyone who needs a little bit of organization – you can hang your keys, an umbrella (how many times have I left my house when it was raining and gotten wet because I have no idea where I put the umbrella), or anything else you want to make sure is there when you need it.

Does someone hate shopping as much as I do?  Researching, trying to find the best deals, who has time for all that.  Buying things is supposed to be fun but it ends up being more of a chore.  With the Kenmore Alfie Voice-Controlled Intelligent Shopper, I just tell it what I want and let it do it for me.  It connects through WiFi and you can talk to it or use the app, but either way it will be your best tool for shopping. It can give you product reviews, prices – it can even suggest gifts if you describe the person you want to get something for!  Now you can spend time doing other things instead of researching – it is even handy to build your shopping list with so you don't forget anything (or have to write it down).  They will not know what they ever did without Alfie!

For the music lover in your life, theBoostSound BTS Bluetooth Speakerswill be a huge hit.  They have different ones to choose from.  The one that is shown is the waterproof speaker so it is good for indoor or outdoor use and perfect for anyone who loves to listen to music at the beach or near the pool.  The battery lasts for 12 hours so it will go all day for you, and it has an auto off feature to save battery too.  Anyone who likes listening to music will love it. It is also so portable they can bring it to wherever they want, whether they are working in the kitchen, or in the basement, or just lounging around.

Now I want to get into something a bit more serious.  Unfortunately we all probably know someone with heart disease.  Now you can show you care with a thoughtful gift that will also give peace of mind.  Along with ushering in the holiday season, winter is the peak time for heart attacks and strokes.  How many times have you read about someone having a heart attack when they were shoveling?  It's scary, and we want every precaution to help prevent that.  Kardia Mobile is a mobile EKG reader. It records your EKG through your phone in 30 seconds which you can then send to your doctor.  You can also leave voice memos to keep track of any symptoms such as palpitations or shortness of breath, keeping track of exercise, etc.   It is also wonderful for anyone who has atrial fibrillation because now they can keep track of their heart rate and know whether they are in it or not without having to run to their doctors so often.  Right now, AliveCor is running a promo where you can get 25% off Kardia Mobile with the code HOLIDAYHEART on AliveCor.com.

Oojra has essential oil diffusers that would make a great gift for any friends, a boss, a person hosting a dinner you were invited to, your child's teacher, anybody you want to give a little token to. It is perfect for the kitchen, the bathroom, even the bedroom or dining room.  They look pretty and smell wonderful, and will make a nice addition to any space.  

For that person that literally does have everything and you cannot think of one thing that they might want or need, meet Triby.  It is voice controlled so you can ask for the weather, news, play music, set alarms, and more.  You can also send messages and make calls.  It has a magnetic back so you can bring it in the kitchen with you and stick it on the fridge and it is out of your way while you work cooking dinner or doing the dishes.  Not only can you get stations from around the world, but if you pair it with your smartphone you can also access your own music library through it! You can even leave a message on it for someone to see.  It's amazing what you can do nowadays!  Guarantee even if they have everything, they do not have this!

The last thing I think would make a good stocking stuffer for anyone whose feet smell.  We all know someone whose feet smell, maybe even ours.  And believe me, they know it too.  It's embarrassing.  SoleFog Shoe Odor Eliminator takes care of that problem.  Just spray it in your shoes and let dry and odor will be gone. It comes in citrus scent , fresh scent, and vanilla scent.   Nobody is going to talk about it, but take it from me, when you find a product that can help your shoes not smell instead of smelling like scented foot odor, it is a great thing.  Especially great for travelers who have to pack their shoes in suitcases.  Nobody wants to open up their suitcase to a horrible smell from their shoes or to have the stuff that packed with it pick up the smell!



Switchmate provides the security and convenience of smart home lighting without the hassle of complicated and expensive rewiring and installation.  Switchmate can be used on any standard light switch – toggle or rocker. It’s a great holiday gift for nearly anyone since it’s so useful and easy to enjoy! Please consider these highlights:



–Switchmate requires no configuration — it magnetically attaches to the metal screws that are already there. So consumers can avoid the dreaded configuration, installation, etc. This means even renters in apartments and condos can use it since it doesn’t change the residence or have to be permanently installed.



Make the holiday memorable with one of these fantastic ideas for a gift that anyone will appreciate and will show you care and has a personal touch to it because you are catering to their needs!

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