There are so many different things to get people for Christmas. But for me, I like to get something that they will love and want forever, something that keeps on giving.

When it comes to my brother in law, he loves watches and with that in mind I decided, to look for something different and unique to say. Have you ever heard of G-Shock, they have some of the most  unique watches I have seen in a long time.

For the Sporty Youth: GA700 ($99)

Features a new front button, located at six o’clock, which offers convenient control of the Full Auto Super Illuminator LED Light; 3D bold hands featured prominently on the face. Comes in three colorways.

For the Urban Adventurer: GG1000 Mudmaster ($320)

Equipped with Twin Sensor technology including Digital Compass and Thermometer, as well as a mud-resistant gasket to protect from the elements, each offers style and tools for urban adventurers and outdoorsmen alike.

For the Refined Gentleman: G-STEEL ($350)

The newest edition to the G-STEEL collection features a black and gold face, complemented by luminous, bold hands, and a stainless steel bezel and band. The model boasts Tough Solar capability, which extends battery life up to eight months.

Are those not the prettiest watches and let's not forget about the ladies. They have some pretty ones for us too.

For the Stylish & Active Woman: S Series Collections ($130)

Designed for fashion forward women living an active lifestyle. Utilizing G-SHOCK technology, including Shock Resistance and 200M Water Resistance, these watches are perfect for athleisure wear but also transition seamlessly to work or evening.




What about those of us who love animals, and want to help as much as we can then the Rumba watch is the one for you. This is my favorite watch, and I love how it looks on. The one that I use every day and it still looks great.

Social Tees Animal Rescue is a New York City based rescue group that saves more than 3000 dogs, cats, birds and exotic animals a year from kill shelters and provides them with safe haven and veterinary care before finding them responsible adoptive homes. Their S.T.A.R. program rehabilitates and finds homes for sick, injured and senior animals.

RumbaTime is the contemporary fashion watch company designing timepieces and accessories you want to wear. At our design studio in New York City, we don't follow trends — we predict and define them. Complemented by impeccable functionality, all of our watches are unique, fashionable and fun. You might call them covetable arm candy.

For some holidays ideas , why not see for yourself.

What's  your favorite watch?

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