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These are my 2 nieces and they are the best things in my life, not to forget I have 2 handsome nephews also . But I wanted to write about these 2 girls. Hard to believe my oldest niece is a married lady and graduating from college today, it feels like just yesterday she was 5 years old and attached to me when I came down to visit her. She has grown into a smart woman and her gramps and grammy would be proud of her.

And then I have my mande shes about to start her new life in high school she makes everyone proud of her and shes got her head on straight. Where did the time go with her only yesterday she was staying with me and looking out the window for pop pop to come and get her. She loved her grandpa and grandma to pieces and misses them all the time. Im very proud of her and I know she will do everything she wishes and make a good life for herself. Her grandma and grandpa are looking down from heaven proud of her also.

So to the two of my nieces Aunt Nancy is proud of the two of u, and love u both very much. Ashlynn grats today on finishing and becomming a nurse and Amanda do everything u want in life and good luck in high school this is where your life begins .

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