Who doesn't like a snack here and there, snacking in this house consists of chips and more? We love all kinds of chips and recently I was online looking for something new and exciting to have as snacking food. Have you ever had Herr's omg, they have some of the best tasting chips, and what's awesome is they come in single bags, so your not having to open a huge bag and have them go bad because you forget about them.


Artfully decorated and filled with delicious Herr’s snacks, Herr's Tin and Gift Boxes make a thoughtful gift for family and friends for any occasion. Herr's snacks are always made with the finest ingredients. We had flavors we have never had before, and they were all great, the best is the price they are under 20 and can be a great holiday gift.


Herr's Snack Truck (42 bags) Assorted Single-serve bags selection may vary. Replica of the famous Herr's Delivery Truck filled with 42 single-serve assortments of snacks. Have you ever tasted Dill Pickle chips they are so good, I love that there are so many you have tried and some you might have never, having a variety of flavors and tastes.



All these chips made us happy, there are so many flavors something for everyone's tastes and likes. From popcorn to cheese doodles, to barbeque and so many more flavors, if you like something hot then these are the chips for you. My husband loves hot stuff and there was more than enough in all the chips we got. I loved all the other flavors and popcorns.


The product was good and had a long time before the expiration date would be reached. Shipping was quick, something I was impressed with. That they arrived so fast and were all fresh and nowhere near the expiration date.

Herr's is the nation's only family-owned and privately-owned major snack company in the US, and will celebrate its 75th anniversary in early 2021. Herr's makes more than 300 popular snack products from its home in rural southeastern Pennsylvania. (Fans of The Office TV show know Herr's from the many references to Herr's snacks in several episodes.)

For all your chip needs and wants head to Herrs and see why we loved them so much.

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