Have you noticed how beautiful people look when they smile? And it’s contagious too. If you see someone smile at you, it’s hard not to smile back. A smile makes a person look friendly and confident. It’s an important part of how we communicate with each other too. But some people are quite concerned that their smile isn’t good enough.


A smile is made of up several things. The first is your mouth. Your lips stretch and turn up to create the smile. To look after your lips and make the most of them you can keep them moisturized with chap stick. A good lip gloss makes them even more shiny and attractive. Your teeth are a big part of your smile, according to the Mazza Center for Implant and Esthetic Dentistry. Fixing problems can help your smile look even more glamorous.


Teeth can be whitened at home or at your dental center with a Dentist in Hartford  It’s best to ask your dentist for advice about the best method to use for whitening so that your teeth are not harmed. Staining is one problem that can be caused by smoking, drinking, and eating. But teeth are also naturally off-white. Your dentist will be able to advise you of the best approach for a bright, white smile.


Your eyes also change when you smile. Some people say the eyes sparkle when a smile is genuine. If the mouth moves, but the eyes don’t, it’s easy to see the smile is fake. You can practice your smile in a mirror, but unless your happiness is felt from the heart, your eyes might give you away. Makeup techniques can help create a softer look to emphasize your smiling eyes. When we smile, we often blush as well, so add a little color to your cheeks.


Your posture also says a lot about your mood. A good posture can take some practice to perfect. You want to be upright but not stiff and rigid. Your neck should be elongated but not strained. Keep your shoulders down and relaxed. There’s no need to lift your chin, but you should be able to feel the back of your neck is straight. A good posture suggests you are comfortable, confident and happy to be there.


All smiles are attractive. People love to be around people who are happy. It can also help you appear confident, even if you don’t feel it. Eventually, the positive responses to your smile will help you become a more positive and confident person too. Of course, confidence is difficult to acquire at times. If you are naturally shy, you might benefit from some assertiveness classes, or even some counseling to help you overcome it.


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The easiest way to become a natural smiler is to feel happy being you. You are perfect exactly as you are right now. You don’t need to make any changes. We are all enough already. But striving to better yourself is a good and natural thing to do. You might want to finish that course, or even become fitter. Personal achievements can be a great way to perfect that winning smile.


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