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It's never a bad time to redo your bedroom, in my opinion. Even if you've just bought some new things for it, who says you can't change your mind? My room is one of the rooms I spend a lot of time in, especially when it starts to get cold. It's so nice to sit in bed and stay warm! There are lots of different ways you can approach a bedroom makeover, depending on your personality and your likes and dislikes. One of my favourites is making a dark and sultry bedroom. However, it can be hard to do this and make it look sexy, instead of cheap and tacky. So here are my tips for getting it right.


Use Deep, Rich Colours


Colour can make such a significant difference to any room. If you look at some of the world's sexiest hotel rooms, a lot of them are in light colours. But I prefer a look that's darker and more mysterious. I think you can create a luxurious look if you use the right dark shades of your favourite colours. There are some that work better than others. Plenty of black is a good place to start, but you don't want everything to be that dark. You could start with black bedding and add some colour around it. Lots of people like rich reds or purples, or you could go for a dark blue or even a shimmering forest green.


Play with Lighting


It's all about the lighting if you're trying to create a sexy atmosphere. Too much brightness won't play into the effect you're going for. Instead of having a single, bright overhead light, you can use different sources. Put in some lamps or wall sconces to create more concentrated areas of light. Having a dimmer switch could be useful too because then you don't have to be in semi-darkness all the time. You can play with the amount of light you have for the best results.


Window Dressings


Light comes in through the windows too, and it can be distracting. You want to be able to shut out the world to relax properly. Something that stops harsh street lights shining into your bedroom is essential. Try a thick pair of floor-to-ceiling curtains, maybe in a velvet or silk material for sheer luxury. You can also use some quality blinds that will do the same job.


Choose Luxurious Fabrics


Think about the textiles you choose when you're creating your sultry and sexy bedroom. Things like silk and velvet are sure to come to mind immediately, but they're not your only options. In fact, silk can be a bit annoying for your bed if you don't want to slide around or get under cold sheets every evening. Some quality linen bedding can be enough to give your bed a luxury look and feel. Even your carpet or rug material can make a different. A soft and plush pile will feel great under your feet and look fabulous too.
Don't forget to add some classy accessories, like a detailed mirror frame or some candles. Your bedroom will look dark and sultry in no time.

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