Have you ever wondered how ponies in Equestria get their unique markings on their flanks? My Little Pony: Adventures of the Cutie Mark Crusaders explains the whole process. Ponies are not born with their “cutie marks” – they are obtained when discovering their unique talent or characteristic about themselves. It's a rite of passage that every young pony strives to achieve.

Every episode chosen on this disc is an absolute winner. “The Cutie Mark Chronicles” is among the first episodes in the series to really showcase the backstories of the main characters, while also highlighting the motivations of the titular Cutie Mark Crusaders.

“The Cutie Pox” is an especially humorous episode with a solid moral about the value of hard work and honestly earning what you seek the most.

“Flight To The Finish” is among one of my personal favorites, being one of the few Scootaloo centric adventures, and also among the most emotionally charged episodes. Though quite dialogue heavy, it's very well-written, and one can't help but feel bad for Scootaloo as her self-doubt threatens to take hold.

“Pinkie Pride”, though it only features the Cutie Mark Crusaders as background characters, is still a marvelous inclusion. A musical episode, it contains around six songs ranging from the Disney-esque pieces “Pinkie The Party Planner” and “Pinkie's Lament”, the insanely catchy bubblegum pop of “Make A Wish”, all the way to polka – featuring performances by none other than Wierd Al Yankovic himself! This episode is a showcase for everything that makes the show stand out; great music, great morals, great comedic value, and great quality on all fronts.

Finally, “Twilight Time” rounds up the selections, and it's a strong enough conclusion. The Crusaders learn the hard way about the consequences of abusing “fame by association” to their own ends in a way that everyone – their nemesis Diamond Tiara included – takes something away from.

All in all, these episodes are all solid choices that series fans such as myself already likely adore, and I imagine that even the uninitiated would enjoy. One might wonder why “Pinkie Pride” was included on the disc as opposed to “For Whom The Sweetie Belle Toils” or “Sisterhooves Social” to give Sweetie Belle her time to shine alongside the other crusaders, but because the episode is such a strong one, it's really not worth fussing over.


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