When we were growing up, and still small my mom swore on Ivory soap, there was no other soap as good and would get her kids clean. We were girls but so love playing in the yard, and getting dirty. There were 3 girls and one older brother, who had us playing anything from war, to sports and we would come in full of mud and dirt, but we did love every minute of it.

Ivory has come a long way from back then. now they have a pump bottle and it's so much easier to use. I do not like using bar soap. its always getting all slimy and leaving scum all over. this makes it easy to pump out the amount you need, and nothing gets wasted.


The white liquid soap is thick and surprisingly frothy; just a squirt or two from the bottle goes a long way to cover your entire body in the shower.  With a bigger family, this is perfect for us, lasts longer.  This soap is free of dyes and paraben and is made to “cleanse & nourish.” It is also pH-balanced and contains essential oils, perfect for those of us who have sensitive skin.


It is formulated to cleanse and nourish skin with the scent of pear and sandalwood. Ivory has created the soap that is 99.4% pure for more than 130 years and is dedicated to providing products with thoughtful ingredients that families trust.

The soap our mother trusted for many years, is the soap I trust as well. Easy to squirt and portion control, silky smooth and leaving you feeling ultra clean, nothing says clean better than ivory to me. My skin feels clean after using it. It does dry out my skin a little. The end result is a product gentle enough for the whole family.

A luxurious shower experience with your choice of three new sophisticated, stimulating scents providing dry skin relief. The pump head is oversized for durability and stability in the shower. The instructions say to apply a small amount of product to a wet shower pouf and lather it up. While you will get more lather with a pouf than a washcloth, you definitely can apply it with a washcloth if that is your preference.

Love how simple this is to use, and the way it makes my skin feel so soft and smooth.

About Ivory®
Starting 138 years ago with a floating bar of soap, Ivory® was theoriginal gentle family brand families could trust. Ivory continues to upholdthe standard of using only pure & purposeful ingredients in its productsand provides a pure, gentle clean for the entire family. Ivory aims to simplifylife so families’ can spend more time on the things that matter most. Ivory isavailable at retailers nationwide, in-store and online. For more informationand the latest news, please visit www.ivory.com.




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