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My Sidekick


React Sidekick

Imagine yourself out at night with friends having a good time. You are at a concert or party of some sort.  You are one of the last people to leave. Then you remember that you parked your car down a few blocks due to parking overflow.  You are alone with three blocks worth of walking left, you hear the wind speeding past your ear.  With one block down you gain a little confidence thinking there is nothing to fear. Suddenly you hear a rattling in the distant darkness.  At this moment you regain every ounce of fear you worked to overcome.  Heart beating almost to the point of explosion you increase your pace to a very brisk speed walk.  For some reason something in the back of your mind is telling you to look behind you.

No matter how much you resist you need assurance of your safety.  When you look you see what appears to be a silhouette, you quickly turn, eager to reach you vehicle.  As you reach your vehicle you struggle with your keys before unlocking your doors. Upon entering the vehicle you feel greatly relieved swiftly re-locking the doors.

Situations similar to this actually happen to many people worldwide and are immensely stressful.  The thought of being in a potentially dangerous situation alone. Is terrifying and the easiest solution is to just never be alone.

React Sidekick provides peace of mind in situations similar to this by giving you the ability to alert first respondents with the press of a button.  The React Sidekick has three different modes “All Clear”, “Follow Me”, and “Send Help.”  These modes are pretty simple and self-explanatory much like the controls. When you are in need of help who is trying to remember a bunch of button combinations.

If you need to take the infamous walk to the alone carry your sidekick. You can press the large button and have local law enforcement know you do not feel safe in that area and on stand-by. As a result if something was to occur, you can simply press the button again to have local law enforcement hurry to you.  It is able to do this by sending to law enforcement your location through the React app you installed on your phone.  It is small easy to store and easy to lose but thankfully it comes with a clip to attach to your keys, purse, or bag.

Are you ready for your own personal sidekick to give you assurance of safety? You can own one today by visiting



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