My Simple Guide To Finding The Perfect Family Home

It’s amazing how quickly having kids changes things. One second you can be more than happy in your city apartment, but it doesn’t take long after a newborn for you to start thinking about moving on. And, when you do, there’s a lot to think about.


Choosing a family home is such an important decision. Not least because when young children move too much when they are young, it can have adverse effects. It’s a big move, there’s a lot at stake, and there will be some big decisions along the way. So, I thought I would take this opportunity to share some of the advice I have picked up over the past few years. Read on and let me know what you think!


Taylor White


Research, research, research


I’m sure everyone realizes the importance of research before you move house. There are surveyor reports to arrange, the size of rooms to consider, and safety issues to look at. And, of course, it would be nice to live in a great area. But that’s not even the tip of the iceberg.


When you have kids, there is a lot more to think about. You have to look at local statistics – is the area safe, or is there too much crime? What are the schools like, and are there plenty of opportunities for sports, the arts, and music? And also – how much is all this going to cost?




So, yes: a home in a leafy suburb with no crime and great schools is important, of course. But, if it’s going to stretch you so that your kids won’t be able to do those extracurricular activities, is it worth it? Would you be better off in a cheaper and bigger place just outside the most desirable area?


You have to think about all the other costs of moving home, too. There are taxes to pay, home loan fees, insurance payments – the list is endless. And, if you are used to renting a place, then you will have a big shock when your heating and air con system goes down. It’s all your responsibility, now!


Size and suitability


The size of your family home should also be firmly on your mind. OK, so it might just be three or four of you right now, but what are the chances of more kids? And, as your little ones grow bigger, will they be comfortable enough with the size of their rooms?


It might even be worth your while building your home yourself. It’s a cheaper pathway to your dream family home than buying ‘off the shelf’. And, you get to have a say in the design, and how the whole house works. There are some great ideas over at Take a look and see if they can inspire you to take up the challenge. It’s a dream of ours – maybe one day we’ll go for it!


OK, to finish this post off, I’ll just leave you with one final thing. Whatever type of home you end up with, wherever it is, you will learn to love it. Big or small, broad or thin, a family home will be in your children’s memories for life. And, what goes on inside it is far more important than what it looks like. Happy house hunting!


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