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When my sisters dogs were puppies she crate trained them, that was the only way they would learn to make outside. And having such bigger dogs she was afraid to leave them home alone.  And  I need to be honest I should have done that with my Vicky she destroyed so many things in our home. 


My sisters dogs had no issues from being in the crate to being out and free, if anything it's helped them transition.  The bigger dogs are free to roam the house and the only ones still in a crate , are the little boys, they still have accidents and they go in the crate on their own. They have that as a safe haven and where they sleep and eat. 




 Why do most people feel it's a great idea to crate train their dogs? For my sister it was her way of getting them to understand the crate was their bed, not the potty which made it much easier to train them all. Sometimes a dog spends their whole life in a crate that's not true here. They are free all day and at night our little men go nite nite  in their crate, they know and they run to it . She has had a great success with her crate training dogs with love,and great success.


During the month of March PetSmart® is having a sale on crates, kennels, carriers and accessories.  They come in a wide variety of sizes and types that include sturdy metal, soft sided or hard plastic.


Remember in choosing your crates the best way would be to take your animal with you, for us the bigger one was the best option and they have to be together. They look for each other and need to be close or they whine and cry its cute. 




My sister's boy Levi our blue-eyed boy, loves to be free and outside. 



 Then here is her boy Chance he's a character, 



Time for a treat
Time for a treat



Reasons to crate your puppies

  • Most puppies like the security of a crate or kennel and soon learn it belongs to them.
  • Introduce the crate by spreading a few treats inside so your puppy can explore.
  • Leave the door of the crate open when you are home so your puppy can walk in and out.
  • Purchase a crate that is sturdy and big enough for your puppy to stand and turn around inside. Take into account how much your puppy is going to grow in the next few months.
  • Make the crate comfy with a soft bed or blanket.
  • Make the crate fun with safe chews and toys.
  • Leave your puppy in the crate for short periods of time.
  • We have ours in the family room so they can see and hear us. 

They have a bed inside and toys and they know when its treat time they run to the cage and wait. They will soon be out of the crate for  good and be able to sleep with the family. 


Crates, carriers, doors, and kennels … all are designed to keep your pet safe and secure. You have a number of choices available, depending on your particular needs.  Petsmart has all kinds of crates and carriers and so much more. 






Weather your crate training or going away and need someplace safe for your dogs and cats, so you can take them with you. Go on over to petsmart in the month of march and see for yourself. 


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