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Having young little girls in my life via my own two daughters plus my little niece, i want to find ways to enrich their lives. I want them to be healthy, happy, and well adjusted. Things that allow me to have confident girls is to allow them to express themselves, whether its doing arts and crafts, or buying clothing brands that support little girls’ happiness. My-Tee Girls has t-shirts that show girls they can be empowered.

Empowered Through Clothing

My-Tee Girls is a clothing brand that has whimsical prints. The messages on the tees does a great job of inspiring the young girls that “Yes I Can”. It means yes I can do anything. Yes I can be anything. Yes I can make it through this struggle. Yes I am stronger, braver, and more powerful than I think I am. It is a precursor to remind young girls that they are empowered, and even if they are young, they can still be capable of anything, while having fun, and being playful.

The tees are so comfortable. There are different images for the My-Tee shirts, but all the messages sport, “Yes I Can”. There is a You code shirt with a computer. Another is a Space clothing of an astronaut girl holding planets, and another one is a Super Hero shirt with a girl in a cape and a mask. I like the airplane shirt as it drags a banner behind it with the Yes I Can message.

The shirts start in sizes from 18 months all the way to 7 years old. There are pink, gray, white, purple, and tie-dye colored t-shirts. Girls can wear them with leggings and be comfortable. Whatever the shirt, the message is always the same, to encourage young girls that they can be anything and still have fun.

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