I wouldn’t say there is any homeowner out there who purposely doesn’t care about their home safety. After all, our homes are where the children and our partners live, so that would mean purposely putting their safety at risk. Still, that doesn’t mean that everyone takes their safety at home as seriously as they should do because they don’t. In fact, some properties are ill-equipped to handle the smallest incidents. You need to treat safety with more respect because it adds to your comfort levels. Who wants to live in a house that isn’t secure? Here’s what you need to do if you haven’t already.


Install An Alarm System


For most people, this is pretty simple stuff. Even the most basic properties have an alarm system that they can rely on in emergencies. The noise from the alarm will alert your neighbours to the fact that something is wrong. Hopefully, they will do the right thing and call the police. Or, if you are in the house, you can react accordingly to get to the family to safety.


Don’t Tell Intruders What Alarm System You Have


I like the idea, but the execution is off. Warning thieves that you have an alarm system is like warning them you have a guard dog, right? Not necessary because you cannot disarm a dog. When an intruder knows what system you use, they can prepare for that system. Consequently, that makes entering your home much easier. You have effectively handed them everything they need to rob your house.


Dummy CCTV Cameras


Real CCTV cameras are expensive, so a lot of us cannot afford a full system. Not only is the initial cost high, but the cost of running them is also high. However, I have found that you don’t need them to work – you just need to give off that impression. Burglars cannot take the risk because CCTV cameras use advanced technology. One slip and a camera can distinguish who that burglar is, and then they are in deep trouble. Most thieves are opportunists and won’t take any unnecessary risks.


Change The Locks


Someone in our house is forever losing their keys. On the face of it, that isn’t much of a problem apart from the fact it is annoying! But, delve deeper and it becomes a bigger issue. What if someone found it and knows what door it opens? Then, they could walk into your home at any time. To combat the problem, hire a locksmith.  “By changing your locks on a regular basis, you ensure that no one can enter your home as and when they choose. Another weak spot for intruders is the window. Storm Guard recommends you checks your window locks to make sure they work.”


Do Some Gardening


Big hedges, large shrubs and trees look nice. However, they also act as cover for thieves. Instead of trying to rush through the process, they can stand under a tree and take their time. No one can see them when it is dark, so they have all the time in the world.


Cut back any hedges or large greenery that are near to your home and place them well away from the entrances.

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