Nancy B's Science Club Moonscope and Star Gazer's Activity Journal includes an aqua and purple telescope and paperback activity journal. There was very little assembly required, and only 8 year-old son was able to figure out assembly without direction.



With the moonscope you are able  to observe the moon at night.  with the Moonscope, which has a magnification range from 18x to 90x, and enter their observations in the activity. My son also enjoyed reviewing the activity book, and has begun to fill in the book with the observations he has made.  the Moonscope requires batteries. The batteries power a red light positioned beneath the Moonscope, which children can use to illuminate their activity journal without over-lighting the night sky.

The Moonscope and activity journal will inspire children to learn more about the night sky. Some of the astronomy words in the activity book were difficult to read, but the pictures are helpful and the book itself is an engaging introduction to the subject. My son was so excited to be able to look at the stars and moon with his own scope like his dads. This would make a great birthday or holiday gift for a boy or girl. For more information click here or Amazon.


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