Feminine Hygiene. It’s a phrase that many take for granted. Each month, women all over the globe use all kinds of protection. Some of the leading products have all kinds of chemicals that were used in their cotton growing, or having rayon in the intimate areas can lead to some having allergic reactions.

I was very happy when I received a package from Nuracare, I can honestly say I love these products. Natracare is dedicated to providing organic and natural solutions for personal health and hygiene. Not only that, but it aims to leave the smallest footprint on the earth as possible. As such, all of Natracare’s products are chemical and aditive free, using only natural materials that meet their environmental and biodegradable standards, sourced from producers that monitor and manage their resources.

I was given the chance to review the

Natracare organic and natural panty liners

These work like similar panty liners, except the outside paper liner wrapper is a little different. You kinda have to tear it open, so it can be loud in a public bathroom, but it’s completely natural and the pad itself has great sticking power.

Natracare soft cleansing organic cotton intimate wipes

These are great. Smell great, work great, and have organic rose, calendula, and chamomile. Most importantly, they are organic. Considering that you use these on your nether regions, they really should be natural/organic anyways, so I feel way more comfortable using these.

Natracare organic and natural cotton tampons

These are very similar to competing tampons with paper applicators. Works exactly the same, with the added benefit of being completely natural and organic, which makes me feel much better.

All these products are really good, I was very happy with them all.


What we want to get women talking about is an important issue – “What’s in our sanitary products?”  Did you know that traditional feminine hygiene brands don’t have to list ingredients on their packaging?  Not so with Natracare.  See the press release below and additional information in the Media Room to find out why.

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