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Soothing Skin Care Line

Natura Culina

I want to be safe all the time. But we know that external forces may not always allow what we want. However, choosing a skincare product that we know we can trust and is safe to put on our skin is one of the ways we can meet our needs. I just want to be protected from harmful chemicals that won’t pollute my body. Natura Culina can guarantee that for me. They are straightforward with their ingredients. Ingredients that contain no paragons, paba or phthalates.

Non Toxic

Their motto is “ingredients with intention”. I can totally understand what that means, because I want something that provides only good things for me. Natura Culina offers organic skincare products for the face, body, and hair. The line is designed with vitamins and age-defying antioxidants to help with complexion. The ingredients are not only non toxic, but also cruelty free!

One of the smoothest and creamiest serums I enjoy using is their Splash Hyaluronic Acid with vitamin B5 serum. This is a plant based skin hydration liquid. It is for plumping, softening, and hydrating the skin. It is also there to help allow your skin to absorb your other products better. It retails for forty dollars and you can do either a one time delivery or a subscription.

Using the Splash Serum

Apply one to two pumps and massage into your face and neck. Do this every morning and at night. To reap its fullest benefits, let it absorb into your skin completely before applying your other products. Being consistent with using the product is key to seeing the changes work on your face and neck. Other awesome key ingredients include radish root, coconut extract, and Lactobacillus.

I like using the Splash Serum on my face. I think its perfect for this cold winter weather. When I am outside the harsh cold air can’t fully dry out my face, because I have a barrier of Splash Serum on. For me, I used to have dry skin on the edges of my face. Since I’ve used the serum, my dry skin is fully hydrated.

“C” Me Vitamin C Serum

The “C” Me Vitamin C Serum with Snow Mushroom is another amazing product that Natura Culina offers. This serum is for brightening the sun tone by lightening discoloration and hyperpigmentation. It is also helps bring a little elasticity back to my face and helps with me with premature aging. It’s perfect for my face since I have a lot of acne scars. The scars get smoother and softer, making them less noticeable in my opinion.

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