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The warm weather has arrived and everyone is spending more time outside. I know, for us, we are constantly on the go. And when you have kids, you need to have snacks on hand if you want to avoid a meltdown while out and about. I don't want to grab for just any snack, I don't want to fill my child with carbs and empty calories. I want to give her a snack that is nutritious and tasty. Fruit Me Up! is the perfect on the go snack. I can keep a few in my purse and when someone gets hungry pull one out. There is no need to refrigerate them and they are perfect for on the go.

Fruity Low Calorie SnackFruit Me Up! has three lines – Boost, Naturally Better and Organic. The Boost line is about 80 calories per pouch, Naturally Better 40 calories and Organic is 45 calories per pouch. In my opinion, that's a great low-calorie snack for anyone.

The Naturally Better comes in several flavors

Only Apples

Only Apples, Mangos & Pineapples

Only Apples, Peaches & Apricots

Only Apples, Strawberries & Bananas

Naturally Fruity SnacksThe Organic comes in 4 flavors

Apple & Cinnamon

Apple & Strawberry

Classic Apple

Only Apples (no sugar added)

Fruity Organic SnacksThese are flavors kids love. My daughter's favorite is the Apple & Cinnamon, she can't get enough of it. But I love how they are easy to bring with us no matter where we are. If we are hiking, camping, running errands or on a road trip I can toss them in my bag for when she gets hungry.

They are also perfect for tossing in her backpack and sending with for a snack while at school. There is no mess. Did you hear that?? It's a mess-free snack! No need to send a spoon or worry about them spilling while trying to open a pouch. All they do is twist off the cap, squeeze and enjoy.

You can find Fruit Me Up! online or at select retailers. They have a handy product finder so you can locate them in your town.  And if they are not sold in stores by you, order from Amazon and have them delivered right to your front door.

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