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Spice Up Your Dishes with Sea Salt

Salt is our go to spice for cooking. My husband enjoys cooking. He is always thinking of great ways to flavor steak or chicken when barbecuing. We mainly use the generic salt and pepper seasonings, but we needed more variety. He wanted to try flavors that were bold and daring. My recommendation was for him to try some of the red salts we have seen but never actually tasted. We received a set of four salts from The Chef's “Salts of the World” collection from The Spice Lab. I haven't tried these spices before, so I wondered the possibility of how much we would actually enjoy them. However, my husband and I were pleasantly surprised. The quality of these salts were really profound. They gave our dishes the gourmet touch that we were hoping for. We were relieved that the salts actually worked out.

The Spice Lab Gourmet Collection Salts

In the Chef's “Salts of the World” Collections, there is applewood smoked, fleur de sel, Hawaiian red alaea, and Himalayan crystal pink flavors. The applewood smoked salt is a sea salt that is actually smoked over applewood logs. The flavor is light, fruity, and has hints of sweetness. The fleur de del is a Mayan sea salt produced in Central America. It is unaltered straight from the sea to your table, and gives a savory but not salty finish to your meals. I love this one! I used that the most when I made my children chicken as I did not want to make their food too salty, yet, still give them the salt they needed for their health. The Alaea red sea salt is rich in iron and gets its color from the red alaea clay. It's mainly used to preserve meat and fish, and gives a pleasant flavor for roasts and grilled meat. We used plenty of this on our steak. It was delicious. I also sprinkled a teaspoon of it when I made pulled pork. I liked how it turned out! Lastly, the Himalayan pink salt which I was very curious to try was a perfect addition to our sautéed vegetables. It is one-hundred percent pure natural salt, hand-mined deep in the Himalayan mountains, and is also pink because of it's minerals and nutrients.

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Relax with Pure Natural Bath Soak

I appreciate that The Spice Lab also makes bath soaks in addition to their spices for cooking. The Himalayan Pink Salt can be used to help you lay back and relax. I took a bubble bath, and I tried a bit of the Himalayan Pink Salt & Lavender in my water, the effects were amazing. The lavender smelled really nice. It calmed me down from the stress and overwhelming feelings I had from the day. Lavender is good to relieve stress, so combine that with the Himalayan Pink Salt, and it made me feel like I was clean, healthy, and rested. But if you are not in the mood for pink salt with lavender essence, then you would like the Dead Sea Salt Bath Soak. It is pure natural sea salt from the Dead sea. It too provided me with therapeutic benefits. I used it mainly to soak my feet, as my feet ached from standing the whole day. It helped cleanse, soften, and detoxify my feet.

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