I have to admit it has only been in the recent years I have been worried about skin care.  Of course I washed my face and would maybe use some cream now and again but for the most part it was not part of my ritual to use skin care.  As I got older I noticed that I was getting dark spots on my face and also my face was becoming very dry.  I knew there were skin care products such as moisturizers and special soaps and the like but truth be told I did not really pay much attention to them or even give them a second thought.  When I started to really try to get into a specific skin care regimen, there were a lot of products available but I wanted something that was also all natural.


I really hate using things that have chemicals and stuff in it  so I was so excited when I found Secretly Obvious.  Their products are all natural, which on their website states that their products are “free of all synthetics,  GMO, pesticides, gluten, parabens, sulfates, dyes, fragrance, alcohol, and emulsifiers.” The fragrance thing was not even something that I was concerned with even though I really and truly hate the smell of some things because of the fragrances. They give me a headache. I don't know why I did not think of it, but luckily it was spelled out for me and I didn't need to concern myself with the smell anyway.

They have products for both men and women, and their products are handmade and with essential oils. Now essential oils I am not sure if you are familiar with but these are my new favorite things.  Even before I found out about these products, I was using essential oils so the fact that they use them piqued my interest too because I love them but am not making products, usually my extent of use of essential oils is diffusing.  Of course, if you are interested in essential oils they also have books on them to let you know how to use each and what they are good for because they do sell pure essential oils too in addition to their skin care products.

They have essential oil bar soap, acne products, and organic oil shea butter which is a great moisturizer.  They also have rose hydrosol toner. Now I just want to talk a minute about that.  I turned up my nose the first time I had heard of it because quite literally the smell of rose in any fragrance is way too flowery for me.  I kept hearing about what a great toner it was though and so I decided what the heck, if anything and I hated it my daughter would use it because she kept telling me how great it was supposed to be (funny how someone so young and with no skin issues is up on all this).  I relented and tried it and totally expected to  have an instant headache.  I mean, it is ROSE  after all.  It was going to smell like roses and be horrible.  Boy was I wrong.  The scent is not heavy at all and not so flowery , it is very light (I guess that the other rose scents I had experience with had some of those “fragrances” added in).  Plus, it left my skin so refreshed that I use it every morning now without fail.  If you have  not heard of rose toner or have heard about it but thought the same  that I did, trust me when I tell you that you will be surprised.  It even gets rid of redness.  The stuff is like a little miracle in a bottle!

Check out all the products for skin and the essential oils they have here.


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