With the cold weather upon us my skin is so dry, flaky and just hurts.  The cold weather dries it out. I have tried so many different products to help soothe my dry skin but, none of them see to be the perfect fit. Either they don’t moisturize my skin as they are supposed to or the smell is to overwhelming. I have a closet full of products in my bathroom and I don’t us any of them. My husband makes jokes all the time about the stockpile of products. 

Just like me and many of us Roberts Perry had the same problem. She ended up taking things into her own hands and decided to stop wasting money and start making her own products that work.  She was like a mad scientist. She researched botanical oils and  their benefits for your skin. Then she started making her own scrubs using sugar. She had tried using salt until one day it got into a cut and boy did it burn. So, she knew using salt was not what she wanted to use. Keeping your skin moisturized and feeling good should not be painful. So she went back to using sugar for her  scrubs.  She tested all of her different all natural formulas on herself and her sister. Michelle Tucker. Together they had decided they had to sell this stuff in 2006. So they had opened ScrubzBody two days later.

Sweet Milk & Honey Sugar Scrub is creamy milk, luscious honey and a hint of oatmeal in this skin softening sugar scrub are the reason why. The scrub cleanses, polishes and moisturizes your body like nobody’s business, while the scent is soft and sweet and refreshing, all at the same time.

You’ll be in great company as it is one of our best sellers, too. Your skin will thank you for being so soft and smooth, and your nose will thank you for this sensory delight. It is  a nice light scent. The scrub comes with a little wooden scooper so you do not have to dig your hands into the jar. My skin feels revitalized after using this scrub.

When using Lipz you will notice if they are smooth and well taken care of, or chapped and dry.  If they are chapped, you have a hard time listening, because all you see is the cracked and dried out skin, or the pieces that are begging to be ripped off.  I hate having dry, chapped lips revivify them with Lips by ScrubzBody.

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