Recently I was given the chance to do a review on Natural Being Hair essentials growth remedy. It works for men and women. It has effectiveness for all hair types. It is doctor formulated. it is also certified gluten free. I do see a difference in my hair since taking the pills. I have had hair loss because of my psoriasis. I was getting very worried. I do see new hairs growing. I have these new hairs and no way to keep them held down. when I pull my hair back I have these small pieces of hair that just pop up.


Hair Essentials is an oral hair loss formulation manufactured by Natural Wellbeing Distribution Inc. It is advertised to stimulate new hair growth and marketed for men and women as well as for all hair types. Hair Essentials is supplied in gluten-free vegetarian-safe capsules. There 90 capsules (or a month’s supply) in each bottle of the product.
This hair loss formulation is made with natural remedies including herbs, minerals and vitamins.smalln

The recommended dosage for Hair Essentials is 3 capsules daily with a meal. Users can also split the daily dose into three by taking 1 capsule with every meal. Where the capsules cannot be directly taken, they can be taken apart and the drug powder mixed with water, honey, juices, smoothies, yogurt or other drinks. Taking Hair Essentials with meal improves the absorption of the active ingredients.

Hair Essentials is only recommended for adults. Although the herbal extracts included are safe, a few of them are not recommended for pregnant women and should be taken with care by others.

There are 22 active ingredients in Hair Essentials. Twelve of them are sourced from plants while 10 are nutrients essential for hair growth. They are vegetarian capsules. For more information click here.

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