The myCharge Hub Power Bank has a rechargeable 9000 mAh battery that gives your Smartphone an extra 40 hours of talk time. Built-In Lightning connector charges the latest lineup of Apple products, like the iPhone 5 and iPad 3rd generation with Retina display. USB and Micro-USB allow you to charge your other tablets, smart phones, electronics and Android devices. 


With myCharge Hub, you can leave your cables and connectors at home. All models feature a built-in Apple Lightning cable, micro-USB cable, and a USB port to charge up to three devices at once–smartphones, tablets, eReaders, and more. Integrated cables and covers protect the ports from dirt and moisture, while the built-in wall prongs on the 6000 and 9000 models deliver high-speed recharging so you're never without power. The Hub's got you covered.


The device has a micro-USB input for charging and an additional USB output for charging another device. The built-in cable is thin but feels robust enough. The plug seems like a good size at first glance but unfortunately has a plastic tab on the edge that makes it incompatible with most cases. The plug did not fit the majority of my devices that had cases on them.


This has more than come in handy, we do a lot of traveling and with all of us having phones, Ipads, kindles we run out of juice fast. This is one of the best things we can charge the games and phones and then charge the charger . The fact that I need NO extra cords to charge this, nor extra cords to charge my iPhone or other devices (ok see about USB port below)is the most impressive thing about this. 

Having this has saved all of us from having to fight to charge our things, now we can all have things all charged up and be happy while traveling.  Mini USB connector and standard USB to charge other devices . 


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