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The only place we trust is best buys, when getting our new appliances. Experience the new appliamces at the Samsung Open House inside the Best Buy Stores. To find the nearest one to you click this link

 You can literally step into an innovative kitchen and laundry room from Samsung at select Best Buy stores. And see what your kitchen or laundry room will look like with these appliances. 



Are you looking for a new fridge, samsung has the latest in fridges, the Samsung Black Stainless 4-Door Flex. This refridge gives you the best of both worlds, having a extra drawer . With a touch of a botton you can turn from fresh food to frozen. Making the abilty to have mucj needed room. 

A spacious fridge makes keeping all of your food fresh and  good. No more throwing away bad food. And you care able to adjust the shelves making you able, to fit everything nicely. We love the fact that we can take warm water, and make it cold in minutes. And if your ice cream melted while shopping you can firm it ip again, im minutes. You can control the tempeture of eith of these compartments. 


Using the bottom-right compartment for your fridge or freezer . There are four different temperatures that you can chhose from. making your fresh food storage space maximized. 





Are you looking for a new range the Samsung Flex Duo Range


This range is every chefs dream, this range actually is two ovens in one. Lets you have the ability to make two dishes simultanesly. at two dufferent tempatures. You can make a large turkey and then pies at the same time. For the bakers in this house they would love this range, being able to make more then one thing at a time.   


The dual door with Smart divider lets you have the ability, to open each door seperately. or you can also use it as one door. That is up to you, the ablity to cook two dishes together will make holiday cooking . less time comsuming. This range also has a warming drawer, now you can keep foods warm. There are 5 burners making cooking on the stove top , now all the foods you need to warm up nad cook is done in a snap. The middle burner can now, keep the foods you arent ready to serve warm. 


The warming drawer has 3 settings, , making your dishes nice and warm.  You choose the tempature and set it,this will keep your foods nice and warm, 


For all your appliance needs head to best buys. Save an additional 10% with the purchase of 3 or more Samsung Chef Collection appliances. (Runs through 12/31)

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