What do I need to fix a Bad Rental History?



Nowadays, renting a home or an apartment with a bad rental history can be a very annoying task. You might have your rental application rejected; something that might leave you without a living space. Sometimes, you might be caught up in this mess due to reasons that are absolutely beyond your control.

A bad credit history is the most common reason as to why most tenants across the state cannot secure a house or an apartment for rent. Fortunately, by rectifying your credit history, you can rent the house or apartment you desire with ease. So, before anything else, obtain your credit report.

If you were ever delinquent with your rental payments at your previous places of residence, there is a chance that the landlords reported you. Or if you ever broke the unit lease by either damaging property or refusing to pay for failing to follow the rental agreement, then your credit report might be soiled.  Therefore, before you rent a new place, you should know what your credit report is.

A good credit report should include your credit score, your current and previous addresses, your employer’s address, your credit accounts and payment histories, Credit Inquiries for at least 2 years and above all your public record fillings.

Most landlords ensure that they run their tenant’s credit and rental histories before accepting their rental applications. However, purchasing your credit report will show honesty and responsibility even if your landlord insists on running his credit check for renters. But before, you bring the report to the landlord; you should first review it to ensure that is free of errors. In an attempt where you notice some errors, you can follow the instructions on the report and dispute the errors.

What do landlords look for on credit checks for renters?

  • Financial stability and consistency – when renting a house, your financial abilities are very relevant. Every landlord needs to know if their tenants are in position to always pay rent without delay. And the only way for them to be sure of that is by running their tenants credit reports as well as their rental histories.
  • Any pending debts – your unpaid debts will say a lot about your ability to pay rent.  Most landlords need to be sure that you will be able to pay rent on time despite your other financial obligations.
  • Landlords also run their tenants credit reports to find out if there are any foreclosures in the tenant’s past as well as bankruptcies.  


Here are some successful renting tips that will help you rent the house of your dreams and keep a clean record for future reference.

  • Always pay your rent on time
  • If you have maintenance issues, communicate them to the landlord right away
  • Understand the rules in your lease – Do not let small issues like loud music get you evicted
  • Always keep your apartment unit or rental home clean
  • Be a good and responsible tenant
  • Maintain good relations with your neighbors


Lamar Johnson is an expert real estate writer for 4 years now. He has written many blog posts which he has posted in different forum and also in his blog. Visit his blog for more information on rental solutions like running credit check for renters and many more.


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