When you are shopping for a perfect gift for a woman, you can be worried about getting it right. Whatever you pick, you may be concerned you have purchased something that isn’t quite to her taste. It’s true that every woman has received a gift that they absolutely hate, but then there are those gifts that she has treasured forever and made the most of over the years. Picking the right things to buy for a woman as a present isn’t easy, but it is far from impossible. Sometimes we are buying for a special event or date, or we need to pull something special out of the bag because we forgot. If you are needing something impressive but you’re on a budget it can be done. We give you some great ideas on what to buy for your next low cost, luxury gift for her:


Watches – This year is seeing more and more beautiful dress watches, and pieces you could class as high-end jewelry. But you needn’t spend a lot of money to make your lady friend look really good and be happy with your choice. Shop in the right places, and you may even be able to pick up something chic, stylish and a bargain all at once. For a maximum style impact watch, have a close look at some of the more statement items she regularly wears . Whatever it is that stands out, you are likely to be able to find a watch to match. At the end of the day, everyone needs to be able to tell the time. If you pick something that is fashionable and stylish, she is going to love it.


Tea sets – These are incredibly popular right now, but if tea isn’t in your friend’s cup, then try one of the hot chocolate cup sets instead. There are also one or two really nice coffee cup sets out that can be used with plunger cafetieres or instant coffee. Combine these two-cup sets with a pot of the good stuff she loves, and you will be onto a winner for a gift. If she is a tea lover, you could try ordering a sample box of lots of different exotic blends, then invite yourself over for a cuppa and a biccy! For a really special afternoon, bring round a plate of cream tea cakes for your special gift.


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Spa treatment – If your friend has been a bit stressed of late, nothing could be better than booking her in for a spa treatment. There are lots of spas all vying for your custom at the moment, so you may be able to pick up a bargain by taking advantage of an introductory offer. If getting a massage out isn’t for her, try a relaxing massage in. Hiring a masseur or masseuse isn’t seedy in any way but can be part of a really lovely evening that only requires a few candles and a glass of wine. Add a box of chocs or fruit basket, and you have made the perfect evening for a gift.

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