My nephew Devon has Autism he was a very happy baby always smiling, and always wanting to be around us . He was walking at 10 months old and talking or should I say blabbering. Doing all the normal baby things, my sister noticed when he was 3 that something was wrong because he stopped talking. She took him to the doctor who diagnosed him with Autism .

What causes Autism there are no real answers to that million dollar question. There are several theory's to this but none have any real evidence about how and why. Doctors say that its generic and that there are genes that cause it but are unable  to find what one does.

Autism is very in common with both boys and girls , some study's also show that pollution is a cause of Autism but there's no proof of that, people believe that Autism is caused by mercury and themersal  that is giving in shots that children receive. There is no real connection to that theory. Studies show that children who are exposed to high levels of mercury are more likely to  have Autism, that in itself makes parents not want to get their children  shots. But the risk of not getting your child shots is much greater than not.

There are studies that show Autism is said to be caused by an underlying health issue and that certain diseases are likely to cause Autism. Some of the diseases are fragile x. and congenial rubella, others believe that Autism is caused by a metallic imbalance.

Someday I hope that doctors can finally figure out what is causing Autism so that the can work on a way tp prevent it all together.

I have to give my sister a lot of credit dealing with Devon who is now 19 years old can be hard at times. Him not being able to tell her things becomes frustrating to him. But we wouldn't trade him for anything in the world. He has shown me that people need to learn more about this and not make fun of kids like him. He's a very happy kid and when he smiles nothing else matters to you, his smile can melt your heart.


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  1. jeanette sheets says:

    sorrry to hear about your nephew i my self have a 22 yr old autistic son its hard alot of days but i wouldnt trade it for nothing in the world ,his smile just lights up my life ,god bless u and your family and i wish youal all the best

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