As I have wrote about in the past, my son loves nerf guns. He has a whole toy box full of just guns and bullets. He as manual and electronic guns. We recently were given the chance to review the nerf n strike elite precision targeting set.
The set comes with the Nerf dart gun, suction darts, dart board and instructions. Everything comes nicely packaged in a box for gift-giving. Children can hone their skills with this precision target set! Line up their shot with the light beam and fire their darts at the target. Makes for great friendly competition among friends and/or siblings.
There are 2 different colored darts in the set so that you can compete against one another and know who’s dart belongs to who. The FireStrike Blaster (the gun) has a precision light beam to help kids line up their target up to 15 feet away. The target will hang or stand…however you want to set it up. Batteries are not included so you will need to supply two AAA batteries.

Overall, I think this is a really cool toy for boys and  girls.  Zachary love  that the Firestrike Blaster (shooter/gun) has that built-in precision light…it has really helped him to improve his aim and of course.
Hasbro makes quality toys & games for kids and we highly recommend this item to all of you who are looking for a cool holiday gift this season. For more information click here.

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