Netflix Shows To Watch When You’re Having A Bad Day

Everything is going to be alright (translation: as long as you can watch movies on your laptop… or your TV).

We all have those days when nothing seems to go the way we want it to. Anything that can be going wrong does and you're left wondering what horrible thing will happen next. It happens to the best of us, and it's happened to me more than once. I'm not saying that bad things never happen to me anymore; they do, but they don't seem as scary or infuriating as they used to. 


Having gone through trials in my life, it's easier for me to pick myself up, brush myself off and keep fighting the good fight. Inevitably we all need something to watch in order to help us escape from the troubles of the world around us.


Well, I should say that binge-watching on Netflix is quite beneficial. This post can inform you about five shows from various genres that really can help you improve your spirits when you're feeling depressed or having a bad day.


Laughter is always present. Laughing uncontrollably is the best method to get rid of the blues. Some series feature mind-boggling stories that will have you completely enthralled, while others will keep you on cliffhangers and keep you guessing what will happen next. 


There isn’t anything better than an evening on the couch with a little down time and a streaming movie marathon of your favorite shows. Here are some shows to choose from that will surely lift your spirits on those bad days when you just can’t face taking out the recycling.



Watching Friends when you have a bad day is the best thing that you can do. You can watch this with your family, it can also be watched by tweens! (by guidance of their parents, of course!) This series may be quite old already, but this is really popular!


You feel like you are in the middle of their circle and sometimes you don't feel so alone. The show will never fail to amaze you because all the characters are funny and so easy to fall in love with. You will be able to relate to the characters and you will love to see their weird ways of solving problems.


 Many great actors have appeared in this show and just like the theme song of the show FRIENDS will be there for you and you will get the escape that you are looking for.




Perhaps you've been having a bad day. Maybe you woke up on the wrong side of the bed or you're coming down with a cold or something like that.


However, whether it's because of what's going on in your life just now or simply because you came home to an empty apartment after a long day at work, watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine is always a great way to turn your day around and it is also very popular!


Brooklyn Nine-Nine always puts a smile on my face and improves my mood no matter how I'm feeling on any given day. It isn't a show that overuses gags for humor or relies on crude jokes for laughs — either of those approaches would detract from its uniqueness. Instead, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has plenty of opportunities for comic relief but rarely sacrifices genuine portrayals of friendship in favor of them. 


And you know the best thing about this? It is free to download on Netflix!



To get hooked on and have fun with, Money Heist is one of the best crime thrillers out there. It's action packed, controversy and cliffhangers. During each ep, there are surprises along the way. The storylines maintain you on your feet and users appreciate binge-watching the tv series. This is really one of the next netflix tv shows!

There are trained thieves who break into the Royal Mint of Spain as well as take captives, including a bunch of teenagers and staff of the Royal Mint. They then lock the gang in the room with the captives. The story is about two different times. Two times: one in the past, when the robbers were getting ready for the heist, and another time, when the heist was going on. 


This is what we learn about the robbers as the show goes on. As time goes on, we find places for them to hide, and we don't want them to get captured.


After Walter White turns 50, he learns that he has disease, so he starts making meth to leave a huge amount of money for his family before he passes away. I know that the story sounds a little saddening, but once you actually watch, you won't be able to stop. 

I know that. As a former student, Jesse works for Walter. Because although their personal characteristics don't always get along, they manage to avoid getting caught by the DEA and still make it out of the country, which is intriguing to see.

As the show goes on, it does turn into a serious offense thriller, as well as the dramatic tension keeps on growing. It also blends well with dark humor. I really suggest that you watch this!

In the beginning, when you start to see how Walter and Jesse get into big trouble and how they get out of it, you'll forget your own problems for a while. Afterward, among the most popular Netflix shows, and it comes after a movie called ‘El Camino: a Breaking bad movie’.


If High school is the worst thing that ever happened to you. Clearly, this is even worse…. a zombie-infested high school.

The plot is set in a Korean high school and is adapted from the famous webcomic “Now At Our School,” that spanned between 2009 to 2011.

That, obviously, implies that our major protagonists are — you name it – teenagers! As a rare disease spreads across the campus, our youthful survivors should find some way out as soon as possible.

A link to this Netflix series seems like it's been everywhere on the internet recently. And if that is the case, don't assume the show was popular just because it's something different than the usual apocalyptic drama. 

This is way more than your average TV zombie apocalypse series. The series will make you a hero in front of your friends and family as you show off your extensive knowledge of tools you can use in school.. To kill a zombie? (in a pseudo-apocalyptic setting with zombies, no less!).

And there we have it! We have all listed the best Netflix Tv shows to watch with your family, friends, and even with your couple! It is free to download on netflix and you can watch it anytime!

It's difficult to determine whether or not watching the shows mentioned in this post can genuinely enhance your mood; after all, everyone is different. However, we hope that the shows included in this article will assist you in diverting your attention away from your problems, if only for a few while, and allowing you to discover something that will put a smile on your face. Now, go ahead and watch some of the most amazing and popular Netflix TV shows! After all, isn’t that what life is about?

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