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Neutrogena is a very familiar household brand name. I have been using their products for a long time. I usually use the bar soap, until recently when I had come across Neutrogena rainbath refreshing shower and bath gel. They come in different scents. I had tried the original and the pear and green tea. I love how clean and refreshed you feel after using this shower gel. You can smell the nice refreshing scent as you are using it. You feel nice and clean with a nice light fragrance left on your skin. Leaving you feeling clean. It softens and conditions with out that heavy leave behind residue.

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It leaves your skin smoother and truly renewed. You can put a little in the running water in your bath. You can apply some to your hand, sponge or puff. Apply to body and rinse off. Or you can use as a shaving gel. I have been using Neutragena products for a long time. I have psoriasis on my body and scalp. Neutragena is very light and does not make irritate my skin. This is a product I would definitely would recommend. I have looked up information on these shower and bath gels and they also come in other scents moisture rich and pomegranate. I would love the chance to try them. They also come in different sizes. They have the 8.4 oz and they have the bigger ones 32 fl.oz.. They would make great gifts for the coming Holidays. For more information click here.


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