Westgate Lakes Resorts in Orlando are the rudest bunch of people you will ever meet. We went there as a surprise from my brother-in-law because we have never been there. Remember we travel from South Carolina to Orlando a 7 hour drive.

We get to the resort looks really nice go to check in to be told they will not take my visa debit card, are they serious. The girl helping me proceeds to tell me I need a major credit card seriously, so Ronnie says he will use his and we are told rudely no he can't do that. I tell her we drove 7 hours to be here and they didn't care. So I tell the girl what im hearing is to bad we can't help you. I would think they would have went out of their way to try to figure something out, and help us. INSTEAD THEY DID NOTHING BUT LOOK AT US. We stood around for an hour being totally ignored waiting on some manager to call who should be fired in my books because he never intended to call back. Instead Ronnie called him where again we are told they can't help us. And the girl behind the desk proceeds to talk to her friend in spanish thinking I have no idea what shes saying. Hello im married to a rican you made yourself look stupid. Learn to have respect for people and not talk about someone in their face that's just rude.

So basically we were told your on your own and we can't help you. My feeling is they need to teach the employee's to have respect and not to treat people like garbage because you never know what they do for a living and can make you look bad. And instead of turning someone away help them especially if they drove for 7 hours. We were treated badly and unfair.

Not to mention they let the employees play smash carts with the golf carts, nice way to have someone get hurt. Teach them some respect and watch them you could end up with a law suit.

I would rather stay somewhere that im wanted at because this place isn't all they claim it to be, treated like garbage they can keep it. SO BEWARE OF THE WESTGATE IN ORLANDO

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  1. EJ (Jane) says:

    What terrible treatment, I hope you can write to someone hire up to explain. My husband is also Puerto Rican, I totally agree with you about employees speaking another language, it’s simply despicable.

    1. Its sad and very disrespectful, not even trying to help us is what set me over the top in the first place

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