Never Lose Your Luggage Again with HomingPIN

Never Lose Your Luggage Again with HomingPIN


If you have ever traveled by air, you've experienced that nagging feeling that the airline is just bound to lose your luggage and you will arrive to your destination and have no clothes, toiletries, accessories to wear. And if you travel with medications, it's even worse! It can totally ruin your whole trip and add unexpected, and unwelcome, additional costs to replace your belongings.

Personally, when I fly I always take a carry-on bag that contains the essentials — wallet, medications, glasses/extra contacts/saline solution, a complete extra outfit (including undergarments), brush/comb…you get the idea. That can be a challenge since I also take current pictures of my kids (in case we get separated), at least one book & some kind of crochet or knit project to work on while sitting idle during the flight — I just can't have my hands on the loose with nothing to keep them busy!

HomingPIN is such a fantastic idea! I can't believe I didn't think about this before! It is such a unique and innovative product that has real-world application and usefulness in the busy, fast-paced world today. Having your luggage lost or misplaced by an airline company could potentially become a thing of the past with the HomingPIN revolution.

HomingPIN is for more than just luggage. You can use this product with all of your favorite (and most important) items: passports, keys, computers of all kinds, cameras, bicycles, wallets. With tags, keyrings and stickers: the sky is literally the limit for this product's potential to change the way we travel forevermore. Even if you're a bit of a homebody, you can still use HomingPIN to locate items you lose in parking lots, stores or accidentally leave elsewhere.

Never Lose Your Luggage Again with HomingPINNever Lose Your Luggage Again with HomingPINNever Lose Your Luggage Again with HomingPINNever Lose Your Luggage Again with HomingPIN

Activating the HomingPIN locators is super easy. All you have to do to activate your unique locator number on is provide your mobile phone number and email address to the company so they can contact you if someone finds your lost item and alerts them to its location.

How It Works (as described on the HomingPIN website)

The finder simply connects to the owner by going online to, or in an airport by using their WorldTracer system for baggage handling. By inputing their details and the homingPIN number(s) found a text message is sent instantly to the owner. The finder is not given information about the owner.

The owner then contacts the finder and arranges to get their property back. HomingPIN provides 2 ways to make that happen:

1.For airlines they provide the airline with information on where the bag is instantly it is found. They will then contact you and arrange for immediate transfer. No more waiting for them to find your bags, and you no longer wait in frustration to hear about when you will get them back.

2. Where property is found anywhere else they can provide, at reasonable cost, a method of getting your property back from anywhere in the world. That includes luggage when the owner has returned home internationally.

How To Get Yours

Simply visit the HomingPIN website and click on the Online Shop tab to choose your product. Simple as that. Packages available (and coming soon) are as shown below.

Never Lose Your Luggage Again with HomingPINNever Lose Your Luggage Again with HomingPIN

The HomingPIN is currently available in a 15-piece Standard Pack, which includes three loops & tags, one keyring and 12 stickers, for $20. Or in a five-piece Starter Pack, which includes one loop & tag, one keyring and four stickers, for only $10.

And COMING SOON is the Gadget & Phone Pack of four stickers for only $5.

All HomingPIN packs come with 12 months subscription included. Thereafter a low annual fee is payable of just $8.00 per year.

What?! Less than $10 a year to have peace of mind? Where do I sign up? You won't do anything better for yourself all year than provide yourself some peace. Or gift it. Christmas IS right around the corner, you know. This is an extremely affordable and <hint> easy-to-wrap gift! Shopping for gifts is easy, wrapping all of those odd-shaped packages is, unfortunately, less so. Save yourself the hassle… get HomingPIN, a gift bag and BOOM! Christmas is done!

And you will win the prize for the most awesome gift ever. Priceless.

Connect with the Brand: HomingPIN Home Page

Shop: HomingPIN Store

 Disclaimer: A free sample of this product was received to facilitate review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.

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