I recently received the new air water cooler. I have a water cooler already and was very surprised by this one. When I had received the cooler in the mail I couldn't wait to use it. I had to wait as I had to get the water bottle for it. After setting it up and making sure I took all the plastic and wraps  off. You have to keep the unit at least 6 inches from the wall. My husband had opened the water bottle and placed it on the water cooler. We then had to wait until the water reservoir had filled up. When it did we turned on both switches on the back. The cold and hot water switches. Which is a great feature as my the  water cooler only has it for the hot water. So this is a great feature. There is also a drain for the water on the back of the system. Now I waited a while before using as it needs to warm and cool the water. Now, I thought the water cooler had broke, when I had come to use it a couple of hours later. Don't worry it's a safety feature. The light shut off until you use the water. I didn't know this and got worried.  Now on the buttons for the cold and hot water dispenser they have lock that need to be pushed in in order to use the water cooler. This is a great feature as the kids love to go and push the buttons and overflow the water onto my floor.
The new air water cooler is quiet compared to my other one. This is a great product to have. I save money on water buy buying it in 5 gallon bottles and have less recyclables. I can now get into my closet instead of having all those cases of water sitting in there. NewAir's WCD-210BK water dispenser is a fantastic solution to secure H2O shortages. Stay hydrated and never run short on both hot and cold water with this unit. With a simple touch, release your desired water. With an all over black shading, it has been crafted to perfection with a simple grey trimming. This is an extremely quiet unit that offers a plastic free taste and is compatible with 2, 3 or 5 gallon bottles of water. The top of the unit features a bottle seal puncture, making the replacement of your water bottle much simpler. Between each spigot and the drip tray there is enough room for a tall glass or bottle. Both nozzles are small enough to fit into any size bottle. Its time to stay refreshed with a NewAir water dispenser. Product Description There is nothing more refreshing than hydrating with crystal clean and clear water. With NewAirs WCD-210BK hot & cold water cooler you can do exactly that. Hot Water Temperature ranges from 176°F – 203°F. Cold Water Temperature ranges from 41°F – 50°F. With a simple black design the NewAir WCD-210BK water cooler will be suitable for any surrounding, including: kitchens, game rooms, gyms or offices. Along with stylish push button controls and light indicators, this unit is definitely one of the safest and polished units on the market. Both the hot and cold water faucets have a child safety feature. You also have the option of turning of the hot and cold water flows, as there is a safety switch for their valves to the reverse of the unit. Choose to install 2, 3 or 5 gallon bottles of water into this water cooler. Situated at the top of the unit is a spike puncture for the seal of the bottle, simply remove the label from the cap of the bottle, place it on top of the unit and start hydrating. If you want to refill personal water bottles, tall glasses or travel mugs, there is adequate spacing between the drip tray and the thin faucets. So you can stay hydrated on H2O even when you're on the go. The WCD-210BK water cooler operates very silently, therefore making it suitable for any location. As this cooler comes with many great features, one of its most striking features is that it was manufactured with SS304 metal to create a stainless steel water tank which actually eliminates the “plastic” water taste. The WCD-210BK water dispenser from NewAir comes with a UL certification and meets FDA standards. This ensures that it is safe and will help you and stay refreshed and hydrated. In regards to installation, it's kind of non-existent. Just remove it from the packaging, position it on a flat surface (out of reach of direct sunlight) and start hydrating on H2O. For more information click here.  For Video Click here.
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