Theres so many legends about things in New Jersey Totowa NJ.  One of New Jersey's most well-known stories is the ghost of Annie's Road up in Totowa. Its popularity is based largely on the episode of an old Nickelodeon show called Are You Afraid Of the Dark?. There are many variations of the story. I, however, am sticking to the one that was told  that was the one that I grew up on.
Long ago, a girl named Annie was standing beside the road, waiting for her prom date. She was dressed in all white and stood in the rain for hours waiting, waiting, waiting for him to come. Finally giving up, she began to walk down the road and go to the prom alone. It was then that she was hit by a trucker and dragged along the road for one-fourth of a mile. Legend says that her ghost still haunts the road, where she still awaits her prom date.
If you travel to Annie's Road today, around that eerie curve, there is a giant splatter of red. Be it blood or paint, it's there. The railing along the road has been painted red as well. Rumor has it that every year Annie's deranged father comes back to repaint the railing and visit his long gone daughter. On rainy nights, you can still see the ghost of Annie patiently waiting for her man to show up. She appears only for a few seconds, and then simply wisps away. I've heard of her stopping speeders to warn them of what happened, but I'm not sure I quite believe that one. I remeber one night going down that road with my cousin Rene and my brothers Maraine friend and his buddy and seeing someone but when we turned around and went back they were gone.

Supposedly she haunts the road at 2am if you drive on the road with your headlights off. The road is very eerie and the graveyard glows..

Annie is supposedly buried in the graveyard, and her spirit guards all other people walking along the road. At times she will appear to speeders to warn them of what happened.

If you make a right hand turn further down the road, you'll come to Midgetville. Beware: midgets still live there. I know because they have shot at me, no joke.

Further down the road you come to a spot where three girls hit a tree doing 70 mph, which kind of suggests being chased by something.

Having grown up on all these legends I felt like sharing my favorute with u I have got the info from a site about legends of New Jersy

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