There are a ton of baby shoes out there and it is beyond easy to just grab every cute little shoe you see and put them on those perfectly tiny feet. If you have a girl forget it because her shoe collection will be about 300x larger than yours. Why? because girl baby shoes are just about the cutest most fantastic looking things on the planet (besides of course your perfect little girl). Unfortunately, baby shoes are not practical when it comes to pre-walking or little ones learning to walk.  Most shoes really look wonderful on but do not support baby's foot right and allow them to learn to walk unhindered. There is nothing worse than having your child try to learn to walk with a clunky not helpful shoe, so then you wind up ditching the shoes because you fear you'll do permanent damage to their walking if you don't. IMG_20151222_133314408With Old Soles Australia you can take comfort and stop worrying about how the shoe will impact their walking. Old Soles has created a soft leather shoe that is breathable and stretches to feet so the fit is snug and perfect every time baby wears them. All Old Soles show from 9mo and up are non slip so they will provide the perfect traction for those sweet tiny feet. has Old Soles and other to European Designer shoes with the designer cost. Including. Pablosky, Igor, Caminos and Mini Melissa. Fashionable, quality shoes for your little one are just a click away. Just Shoes for Kids offers all sizes starting from infant to kids sizes. With Free shipping and Free returns its easy to take the stress out of shoe buying. Incredibly Just Shoes for Kids also will donate $1 from every pair of shoes purchased to the ELIJA Foundation for community outreach for Autism. 

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