We love to have tea and in the colder months hot chocolate. But we usually warm up the water using the microwave. Thanks to the Rosewill 4.0 Liter Dual Dispense Speed Stainless Steel Electric Hot Water Dispenser with Night light. I can have instant hot water without using the microwave. 

71NYhklmveL._SL1500_2 types of water feed: small volume and slow speed in blue light, big volume and fast speed in red light . Slow dispense mode works best with your favorite pour over tea or coffee brewing dripper.  We love that its so easy to use, and makes a great cup of tea. Makes it really easy to set the tempature, with the 3 Temperature Settings: suitable for instant food, tea (208 degree F), coffee (175 degree F), milk powder plus keep warm(140 degree F)


71aSFXec53L._SL1330_Fast/slow water dispense with Lights indication, night light indication. The sides of the exterior are silver colored metal, the top is white plastic, and the interior is stainless steel. There is a window on the front which allows you to see the water level at a glance. The controls are sealed buttons on the top. It also has a swivel feature on the bottom which is so convenient.

The lock feature that prevents water from being dispensed unless the Unlock button is pressed is a good feature, preventing anyone from being accidentally burned. Now little fingers will not be burned, as well as adults. It was super easy to set up and we poured in water. In no time once connected the machine boiled the water and we were able to unlock make tea , coffee, instant noodles and oatmeal.  No more having to use the microwave to heat up water.  Saves and keeps the water warm. So if we wanted another cup of what were drinking we can. And it heats up quickly. .It beeps when desired temp is reached. This is a real asset in any  kitchen,  I have used it for making a cup of soup, tea and hot chocolate, we simply love it and cant get enough of it.

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