Newman's own dog food and treats. I was delighted to get the dog food and treats. I have never heard of them before. Here is what we got:
*Second Generation Adult Dry Dog Food Formula –
*Peanut Butter Dog Treats
*Chicken & Rice Recipe Snack Sticks
*Turkey & Chicken Soft Formula
*Turkey & Brown Rice Soft Formula
*Chicken & Brown Rice Soft Formula
*Beef Premium Dog Food
My two dogs loved the treats. I haven't seen them react to a treat like they did with these ones in a long time. Crystal was grabbing the bag of peanut butter dog treats out of my husbands hands before he even opened them. They kept sitting and barking waiting for another treat. Crystal went as far as barking by the door when we put them away acting like she had to go out, so she can walk outside and come right back in expecting another treat. She did this several times. It was the cutest thing ever.
Coco really enjoyed the chicken  and rice recipe snack sticks. She would go get ready to get in her bed and wait for you to give her a treat like she was getting ready for her bedtime treat. I wish I had taken videos of the way they reacted to these treats by Newman's own. I can't wait to get more treats and good for the. For more information click here.
The recent news about illnesses in dogs related to chicken, lamb and sweet potato jerky has many of you feeling very concerned for the safety of your pets.

photo3We're here to re-assure our loyal consumers about the safety of Newman's Own Organics Dog Treats.

Our Premium Treats are made in Canada using ingredients sourced in North America. Snack Sticks and Dental Bones are made in the US, with ingredients from North America; and the Ranch Style Treats are made and sourced in New Zealand.

We do not import any treats or treat ingredients from China. For more information click here



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