I am always looking for the best foods and household products for my family and I have very few. It takes forever to find the best organic food for my family and it can get discouraging and some times some of it doesn't taste that good and you have wasted money on products that your family wont eat which means product and money in the garbage.

With Newman's Own  you get the best of the organic food for your family and even your pets including treats. With so much in the news lately about thing being found in the pet food and it making our pets sick it is scary to try to find a new food. You even hear about products making us sick and being dangerous. Who wants to eat food that has this chemical in it and that chemical. Its scary at least to me. With Newman's Own you don't have to worry about that its got all the best ingredients and no harmful chemicals in it.  

Newman's Licorice twist-  They have several varieties of Licorice from black (my fave) to Green Apple. It taste just like normal licorice but with out all the harmful ingredients and the flavor of the licorice is way better.

Fig Newman's-Their fig cookies are so good. I have tried the original and the strawberry. I would have to say the strawberry is my favorite. They are softer than the fog cookies that are on the shelf and have  away better taste. They don't make my teeth hurt after eating them which is a plus.

Newman's ‘O– Newman's O's are just like the other chocolate cream filled cookies. They have revamped them to make them thicker and easier for us to dunk in our milk. They have a great chocolate flavor and are all around delicious. They come in 7 different flavors including wheat free so something for everyone.

Newman's Own Dog Treats– Newman's even has our pets covered with these awesome treats that they have. I have switched my dogs to organic treats because of all the unhealthy things that are in them. With Newman's dogs treats they are made form the best ingredients and no harmful chemicals in them. They have 14 different kinds of dog treats and they have all kinds of flavors .

Newman's Salted Pretzel Stixs– I have always loved pretzels and Newman's is a great snack for the family. They don't have too much salt on them and I know this is going to sound crazy but their pretzels are not as dry as the store brand pretzels. They have the best flavor and for pretzels they are the best.

If you're looking for the best snacks, or dog and even cat food head on over to their website and check them out.


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