Nicotine patches have been by far a common way to stop smoking. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance that makes smoking extremely hard to quit for most people, and even more if they’ve been smoking for a long time. There have been a few brands of transdermal patches that have been leading the markets for years, and others have begun to hit the market, including generic brands – the unfortunate thing is that those brands often have trouble staying on, and some people don’t know how to transition properly from the patch to being patchless. 

That’s why they need a better smoking cessation. In this guide, we’re going to talk about the NiQuitin patch, and its effectiveness.

What is NiQuitin

NiQuitin is a company based out of Europe, and they offer the same transdermal patch system (and other methods) of quitting. Consider it their version of NicoDerm’s stop-smoking program. If you’re committed to getting your quitting on, you can use their patches and stop smoking systems to get the job done. The company makes patches that start off at 21 mg, and then dwindle down from there, and they’ve actually been around for a while.

How Effective Are the Patches?

The NiQuitin patches can actually more than double the ease of quitting smoking and reduce cravings. It uses a special technology that allows you to get a rapid release of nicotine on the application of the patch, and then a continuous time-released dose throughout the day. These patches actually last 24 hours. After 24 hours, all you have to do is change the patch out. Rather than some patch programs that try to get you to cut down over a course of 3 weeks, NiQuitin patches are used as a part of their 10-week program that helps you completely quit smoking.

What Doses Do NiQuitin Patches Come In?

NiQuitin patches come in 3 doses. If you smoke more than 10 cigarettes a day, you’ll want to start out with the 21mg patch. Some people have successfully gone straight to 14mg patches, but it is less common. Therefore, it’s best to start out with that 21mg one, and then gradually moved to the step to step 2 (14mg) and then the third and final patch (7mg). This will help you cut down and ultimately eliminate your nicotine intake, and it can be used in conjunction with other methods.

Can the Patches Hurt Me?

There are some people who experience itching and allergic reaction. The reason for this is because you’re applying nicotine directly to their skin rather than inhaling it. It’s completely normal, and should clear up over time. If you develop a severe rash, then you can always find another spot on your body to put the patches, or you may have to find another way to quit using NiQuitin’s other products.

Will I Have Enough?

Some people are able to just use the 10-week program fully, or they can buy a week’s worth at a time of patches. The step 1 is available for a one- or two-week supply, while the other steps are only available as a 1-week supply.


NiQuitin is becoming more and more popular in the UK as well as other areas of the world. Maybe they’ll eventually beat the competitors, and they offer a valuable option to help you quit smoking compared to other brands. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality when you’re trying to save money, and NiQuitin knows that.

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