One of the biggest draws in marketing is the ‘try before you buy’ technique. It allows clients and customers to get a taste of what you offer before making a financial commitment – which is excellent. It didn’t take long for online casinos to catch on to just how lucrative that could be, not only for them but in terms of customers too. 


For the first time player or seasoned players who know how to master the online free bonus, these are effective ways to play some games without risking any money. Who doesn’t like the idea of free spins no deposit risk-free gaming?


But no deposit bonuses can return some decent cashable winnings. In fact, they might just be the key to your biggest wins yet. 


It goes without saying that people love something for nothing, and so when you see you have $100 for free, or 90 free spins you’re going to make the most of it. 


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Making The Most Of Your No Deposit Games

Once you have your free spins, or your no deposit games, you are going to what to maximise the outcome. Here are some ways for you to do that. 

Spend Less, Play More

If you have $100 to play with, and you’re tempted to spend it all in one go – then you’re probably going to run out of money pretty quickly. Instead, maximise your chances by playing more. Start with games that you can only have a $1 or so maximum and you will find you get many more games. The wins will be smaller, but you have a higher chance overall of walking away with some wins. 

Know The Score

You have to read the small print. Many players don’t read the sign-up bonus terms and conditions. You have to know exactly how much you need to wager before you can cash-out. The free cash possible from online casino bonuses is what makes playing online so much fun. But always know what the score is going into an agreement. There will be clauses that will let you know if the money you win can be withdrawn, or if you are about to end up with more ‘free cash’ in your accounts. 

Higher Chances

There are higher chances of walking away with a win if you play a game of skill. Card games, for example, are skills-based, with a lot of luck too. Unlike some other games which are pure luck. So head into any game with the right knowledge and skills, read and research before you start playing, and get a lot of practice in too. The same game on different sites like 먹튀 will also have different odds. So be sure to check.



Before you start wasting your free spins or depositing cash, make sure that you have scouted out the odds of each game. You are looking to find a balance between the odds that will be in your favour, and if it’s things like bingo – times where there are fewer players. Delving deeper into the odds of any games that you want to play will up your chances of winning. There are different types off odds, and you’ll see them either written in % or factional like ⅘. You can calculate how likely you are to win and how much you are likely to win based on those numbers. A quick example is:


  • Factional: 20/1 which means for ever $1 you put in, you’ll get $20 back. 
  • Precentages: 10/1 would be 1/(10+1) = 0.09 so 9% chance of winning


And while it might look complicated there, you will quickly get to grips with this, and you have more of a reason to do so in order to maximise the free play cash you have. The same game on different sites will also have different odds. So be sure to check. 


Progressive jackpots are a lot of fun, but you have to remember that they are some of the most popular games online. Most casinos will have a range of available jackpots. There are many people who play a strategy when they are looking at jackpots. Slots are typically a game of chance, and you may be required more than once to bet the max. It is worth knowing that actually, the smaller jackpots are more likely to give you that big win that you’re looking for. 

Cashing Out

On most free options, there is going to be a cashout limit. The higher the cashout limit, the better. A smaller cash-out limit will be a pain for you if you happen to get lucky and win big. Look for no deposit bonuses that have a high cash-out limit. 


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