wonderbag. is the perfect companion for everyday eco-friendly, nutritious, slow cooking. Take advantage of it’s versatility and enjoy your favorite home-cooked healthy dishes at picnics, dinner parties, sporting, camping and other recreational activities.

Allow a pot of bolognaise or barbeque-pulled chicken to simmer in the boot of your car for you and family to enjoy after a day at the beach, hiking or game viewing.

wonderbag.’s clever design allows food to be slow cooked and retain heat once inserted and sealed.

It works in four, easy steps: Boil it, bag it, stand it and share it.

Simply bring your food to the boil, let simmer, then place your pot (with lid on), into your wonderbag. Pull firmly on drawstring, and allow the bag to begin the slow cooking process for up to 12 hours. The heat retention technology makes it impossible for food to dry out or burn.

wonderbag. is the eco-friendly slow cooker, which is both portable and non-electric.

It continues to cook food, which has been brought to the boil by conventional methods for up to 12 hours, without supervision or the additional use of power. There’s no battery, plug or fuel required, saving your energy and the energy in your home.

By reducing time spent cooking, the wonderbag. gives you the freedom to enjoy more of what you love.

For every large wonderbag. purchased in the developed world, another wonderbag. is donated to the wonderbag. Foundation, helping to support families in need throughout Africa.

As there is no fuel needed, the Wonderbag is great for feeding all your outdoor adventures, such as Camping, Fishing, Boating, Hiking and also everyday social events in and out of the home..

– Slow cooks and keeps food hot for up to 12 hours

– There’s no battery, plug or fuel required

– Light and easily portable & compact for easy stow away

– Conveniently operates without supervision

– Fail-safe and will never overcook or burn your dishes

– Doubles as a cooler bag to keep food and drinks chilled



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