One of my biggest fears is being, stuck along the lonely high way and not being able to get my car started. That is the biggest thing, that consumes me of worry. The Rechargeable Armor All Jumpstarter and Power Bank is a recommended accessory to have in your car at all times in cases of emergencies or as a travel companion you can take with you on the go.

Compact and convenient, the Jump starter is 3 products in 1: a car jump starter, a battery charger, and a LED flashlight. The 600 peak amperes that can start cars with up to an 8 cylinder, 5L engine. The 6000 mAh Power Bank will charge the batteries of your smart phones, tablets, USB electronics, MP3 players, GPS, portable game consoles and cameras and 12-Volt devices as well as computer notebooks.

Great for extra power when traveling. And the LED Integrated flashlight with SOS and strobe functions provides illumination and safety during roadside emergencies.

  • Portable automotive battery jumper with charging adapters for all major electronics
  • Can jump your vehicle 20 times on a single full charge
  • Ultra bright LED flash light, strobe light and SOS signal
  • Sleek carrying case can be stores under seat or in trunk with ease
  • Includes a 6000 mAh battery bank, micro USB cable and 2 jumper cables
  • Overcharge and reverse polarity protection
  • Rechargeable via USB


The Powermax Lithium Power Bank and Jumpstarter are compact, lightweight and stores in the glove box, console or door pocket. Accessories include AC charger, in-car 12-Volt charger, booster cable, 12-Volt adapter, notebook cable and adapters and USB cables for Apple and Android phones and tablets.

All this and with built-in safety precautions such as overload protection, reverse polarity alarm and over temperature protection, the Armor All Lithium Power Bank Battery Charger and Car Jump Starter is your all-in-one portal power station.

Now with this, that fear can be less. It sits under the front seat of the car, and when and if I need it, I just need to pull it out.


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