Thank goodness we have actual technology these days that can help make our lives easier. When an infant is sick it's hard enough. Forget trying to actually nail the kid down to get a temperature recorded from under their arm (not super accurate) or in their ear, if they would stop moving, or worse yet…. rectally making them scream horrendously! Oh yes, I have actually tried all three of these methods and honestly I cannot stand any of them. You're already tired because they are sick and adding this into the mix with the medicine, throw up, or extra poopy diapers and forget it.Temporal Scanner

With the EXERGEN Temporal Scanner I can take a temperature without the hassle of messing with a baby! THANK YOU!!! It really is as easy as 1,2,3:

  1. Turn on Scanner
  2. Place Scanner over Temporal Artery
  3. Scan

Taadaa! You have done it, temperature taken without even waking the baby if you like! Now that is most definitely a game changer for me.


Why does it work?

The EXERGEN TemporalScanner “detects the heat that naturally emitting from the skin surface over the temporal artery using a patented arterial heat balance system to automatically account for the effects of ambient temperature on the skin.” EXERGEN works in less than 5 seconds when used properly. Today the use of TemporalSacnners is widely used by hospitals, clinics, Doctors Offices, and nursing homes.

I have used the EXERGEN a few times now and I have to say that it is faster than my ear thermometer and a million times easier to use on the baby than anything else out there. I honestly do not think that I will ever go back to using and oral or ear thermometer again. I am so glad I have one of these and I am even happier knowing that should it malfunction it has a Lifetime Warranty.

The Scanner itself holds up to 8 of the last temperatures recorded so it also takes the guess work out of trying to remember or remembering to write down the last temp you took. Or suppose you wish to take a temperature on sleeping child you can adjust the volume to that it does not wake them. In addition, it also switches easily from Fahrenheit to Celsius for the reading that best suits you. When you use the TemporalScanner  you start in the middle of your forehead and slide it along (as it beeps) your hairline to your temple. Then your reading beeps once to tell you it's done.scannerEXERGEN has some great articles to check out at and while your there you can even enter to win one!

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Have you ever used a Temporal Scanner before? What did you think? Let us know below.




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